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Convert gfx to floors


Hello, how to BATCH convert imported images, to appear as floors? I have imported 256 of them and I want it all to batch convert. There is no problem with walls. They work, appear as textures and I can use them. But floors dont appear at all. I was doing it before in XWE, but it does bullshit since I have different comp. Fuck XWE. It for some reason doesnt save when I change patch to floor.

In Slade3, for change, I dont see any menu like "save as flat" or something. I am stuck like 30 mins on this. Please help or I will tear my dick off.

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I gave Doom Flat (Paletted). Then "Convert All". Then it wanted to save. So I saved that. First fucked up thing after that, is that under type it said JAGUAR TX. Second is that tex is BROKEN after that and throws error loading entry: size is 4096, expected 320. Please go there, if you are still online, so you can see:



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First, floors can only be 64x64.

Secondly, in SLADE, select all 64x64 images and then click on "Convert Gfx to..." and choose "Doom Flat (Paletted)" in the drop down list. Then "Convert All" and there you go!

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