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Gaming Heads Cyberdemon statue open for pre-order

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i just came across this and didn't see anyone talking about it. from the same people that made the Doomguy collectible a while ago, now they're taking pre-orders for a massive Cyberdemon statue based on its appearance in Doom 2016:



they're limited to a set amount of pre-orders that comes in 3 versions: the regular one (seen above) at 1000, an exclusive one with the rocket launcher and Argent accumulator lightning up at 500, and a "collective" one which hasn't been painted at only 50. they all cost 700 dollars each and stand 19 inches tall, so they're unsurprisingly pretty pricey. 

regular edition

exclusive edition

collective edition

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I've been known to splurge on some expensive items but this is out of my comfort zone by about $400.

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"The Baalgar’s are of the highest rank among the denizens of Hell. They offer service to no one – not even the named demons. At first it was believed that this was in fact a unique demon as it is held in reverence among the lower order, but a tablet found in the Temple of Corrax (UAC Automated Survey of 2143) revealed that it is a unique genus of demon only found deep within the bowels of Hell.


Studies of the Baalgar reveal a frightening arsenal of weapons at its disposal: A viciously sharp calcium phosphate appendage protrudes from one arm. The Baalgar uses this as a sword to fend off close range attackers. When coupled; it creates an earth-crunching quake generated by slamming this "sword" into the ground.  This keeps the Baalgar’s enemies at a distance where its preferred method of attack is most deadly.  The ranged attack of the Baalgar comes from a barrage of projectiles that erupt from its other arm. Fossilized bone forms an adamantine chamber that houses a seemingly endless supply of projectiles (how they are produced is unknown) which it fires in a sustained bombardment for several seconds. In the center of the adamantine chamber is a crystalline barrel which focuses Argent Energy into a lethal beam."

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