Greetings fellow Doomers, I've been working on a little something the last few months!     (Updated!)   Download it here!!   The Story:   When it was founded in 2055, the UAC was a force for good.
Their research led to the development of teleportation, extreme advances
in medicine and leaps in interstellar travel.   In 2080, the leader of the Cult known as 'The Protectors' spoke to
then president of the UAC. There was an instant change from that day
forward. The president suddenly announced a new project to open a
gateway to the so-called 'spiritual realm'. Some employees of the UAC
questioned this decision and left, however many remained. As time went
on, less and less time and funding went towards egalitarian causes and
more was funneled into the Spiritual Portal Project.   Rudy and his brother Jamal are ex-marines, doomsday preppers and
conspiracy theorists. While the UAC and The Protectors have tried to
keep quiet about their recent project, a few have inflitrated UAC
bases and leaked information. The Protectors and the UAC had plans
to finally open their 'spiritual portal' in the middle of the city.
Jamal went to the site, armed to the teeth, but was brutally killed
along with several hundred others when their attempt to open
the portal failed, resulting in a massive explosion. Since then
there have been reports of almost zombie-like people wandering the
streets and attacking civilians, many of them dressed hoods and capes
worn by The Protectors.   Rudy is overcome with anger at the loss of his brother. Using his
knowledge of UAC operations, he makes his way up into the hills
to a secret base. He plans to take them down by force and kill
anything they throw at him, avenge his brother and save the world from
any more destruction caused by the UAC or The Protectors. Ultimately,
he must find the heart of their operation and destroy it.   Good luck!  
New Enemies and Weapons:   While Rowdy Rudy's Revenge remains largely a classic-Doomy experience,
there are a number of changes to enemies and weapons. Here is a detailed
list so you know what to expect when you play.  
HP: 30
This is your basic cannon fodder. (Sprite created by Raven Software, Neoworm, Tormentor667)  
HP: 40
(Sprite created by Mark Quinn, Vegeta, Ghastly_dragon, MagicWazard)  
Weak Chaingunner
HP: 60
Only drops a clip rather than a chaingun. (Sprite created by HorrorMovieGuy)  
Tough Chaingunner
HP: 90
Your classic chaingunner.  
Blind Pinky
HP: 150
He cant see but he sure can smell. (Sprite created by HorrorMovieGuy)  
HP: 400
This little bugger makes his way into a lot of my wads. Spits a Baron's toxic ball.  
Flame Caco
HP: 580
Spits waves of fire and small fireball projectiles. Very deadly up close.  
RPG Zombie
HP: 120
Fires a revenant's homing missile, high pain chaince.   Plasma Guy
HP: 90
Behaves like a weaker arachnotron. (Sprite from anubis.wad)
There's also a bayonet weapon and repeater-rifle instead of fists and a pistol. They
both deal more than twice as much damage as their original counterparts and the rifle
is 100% accurate! Perfect for all the snipers out there.  
Further credits:   The texture resource used here is "High Resolution Textures w/o the High Resolution",
converted by 40oz with thanks to Kurikai for maintaining the JDTP. Various graphics
have also been lovingly borrowed from Freedoom, mainly a few HUD elements. The weapons
are from blackglov.wad by Grimm, the Alpha Dooms and Complex Doom, with further edits
and recoloring done by myself. The playpal lump comes from the original DBZ Doom.
Various graphical resources were borrowed from older versions of Skulltag.wad.
The HUD sprite of Rudy's face was based on Zharkov by Xaser with recoloring and further
editing by myself. The mapping, dehacked work, endoom screen and many various graphic edits were done by yours truly.   A warm thankyou to mr.crispy, Revenant100, Doom_Dude, Firedust, TheOrganGrinder, iori, SOSU,
Gaia74, kristus, Juza, valkiriforce, Komenja, rdwpa, R13, RonLivingston, galileo31dos01, glenzinho
and nax for playtesting, bugfixing, feedback or otherwise participating in the release thread somehow.
Well, what are you waiting for. Get fragging! Please let me know what you think, all feedback is greatly appreciated!