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(Shameless plug) I'm playing MIDIs in Audiosurf 2

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I discovered the game yesterday and fell in love with it, so much so that I started a YouTube channel so I can upload MIDI tracks from old MS-DOS games. If you don't know what Audiosurf is, it's a music game that's able to play any song in your PC and create a level around it, complete with the right rythm and everything, it's pretty impressive stuff. The game doesn't allow MIDIs of course, so I'm converting them to MP3 files through VirtualMIDISynth, using the Arachno soundfont.


So far I've uploaded At Doom's Gate (of course), Running From Evil and Medical Suites, from System Shock. I'm not monetizing these BTW, nor do I plan to. I'm just sharing them for the sake of sharing them.


Oh, and I suck at the game, so you'll have to bear with me :P








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Are those mushrooms that you are trying to hit?

Edited by Empyre : Corrected bad grammar by adding one word.

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5 hours ago, Empyre said:

Are those mushrooms that you trying to hit?


I... don't think so? They're like orbs or something.

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