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Looking for a specific Rocket Jumping WAD

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Looking for a specific Rocket Jump WAD ... can't for the life of me remember what it is called. I'll do my best to explain what it's like. You start off strafe jumping (without rockets) along 3 gaps to a platform where you get rocket launcher. (The strafe jumping has tan fences to make you jump faster along the way)... from there, second jump is 2x rocket strafe jumps (must be executed accurately to hit a tiny platform in middle of gap) then from middle gap, strafe again to other side. This is where you perform a super jump. If you fail to make any jumps, you land in shallow water (teleports you back to last CP). I never got a chance to finish with WAD when I was new to RJumping. Now, I am loads better and could probably beat it.


If anyone here can help aid me in finding this WAD, I would very much appreciate it.

Been searching google forever.

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Sorry this doesn't sound familiar, but is there any chance it's Dark Tartarus? I know in at least 1 level, not sure if its 100% necessary to finish, but I would see speedrunners rocket jump out the window.

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