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doom episode 2 :(

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On 1/16/2019 at 10:54 AM, roboticmehdi2 said:

Ok, Ok, I like e2 now and always :)

*Takes hand off holster*


Good choice.

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Episode 2 and episode 3 should have merged together for better impact.


Deimos Anomaly (terrible level, but it's good for a start)

Containment Area

Spawning Vats

Deimos Lab

Hall of the Damned


Mt. Erebus (gate to secret)

Tower of Babel

House of Pain (secret level)

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All these threads about things people hate in Ultimate Doom are so foreign to me. I’m not trying to dismiss others’ opinions but for me I can’t feel anything but warm memories for all of the levels even if I can acknowledge that objectively some of them had flaws. With Doom 2 on the other hand I guess I feel some dislike for the levels so I understand where everyone is coming from since it’s all subjective, but it’s weird, I cannot feel any recoil towards UD levels even when flaws are pointed out to me.

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