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Kristian Nebula

No-Damage Runs on Nightmare

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I recorded a couple of no damage runs with gauss cannon only on Nightmare. They're from Kadingir Sanctum and Titan's Realm. There's a third one which is from Necropolis where I get beaten up by the Hell Guards a bit. I'll be posting more as I play through them.





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Would have been a perfect no damage run of Vega Central Processing if not I had fallen on top of one freaking pinky who bit me in the final area and removed over half of the armor at once, lol. Decided to post it anyway because it was the first time I got so far without taking any damage in the level.



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I was finally able to do Foundry with only the shotgun and no damage. Also some small bit of self-inflicted infighting included. Hope you enjoy it! :)


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