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Pure Hellspawn

Icon Of Telefrag - A New Use of The Icon Of Sin - GZDOOM Mod

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Hello everyone!


So having been here for over 14 years, one thing I have learned is many people hate the Icon of Sin.


Quotes from people:

Too easy, just pump three rockets in it's head!

All it does is spam monsters at you!

It's lame... Just a big wall....


and I'm sure many, many more.


But I've loved the Icon Of Sin my whole DOOMing career. But not for those reasons. 

Rather, as I'm sure many of you know, the spawn cube will telefrag anything it lands on.


And so I present: The Icon of Telefrag.




The Icon of Telefrag is a modified version of the Icon of Sin's code found in gzdoom.pk3. It is designed to take advantage of the telefragging aspect of the Icon of Sin's code.


This mod:

  • Causes "telefrag" cubes to spawn. These cubes are like boss cubes, but will not spawn a monster. They will telefrag you if they land on you, but not monsters.
  • Is meant to serve as an environmental hazard rather than a boss mechanism.
  • Is compatible with boss cubes! You can use both at once!
  • (NOT TESTED) - Will splatter up to 99 of your fellow companions along with you! Friendly monsters, however, are immune.


How to Implement

  • Make a GZDoom Builder Map (NOT TESTED IN Doom Builder 2). 
  • Add this .pk3 file to your map. Edit -> Map Options -> Add Resource
  • Add a "TelefragTarget" to any places you want to be potential hazards.
  • Add a "TelefragSpawner" to fire telefragging cubes. The more spawners added, the faster cubes get fired.
  • That's it!
  • Note that this mod reserves Thing IDs 1000-1100.


Advanced Logic

  • You may change the radius of the TelefragTargets to make cubes more or less likely to telefrag you. These are defined in a constant in the ACS file included in the .pk3.



  • Sorry! I cannot really provide a screenshot for this mod. Right now spawn cubes and telefrag cubes look and sound identical.
  • A video of this mod in action would be greatly appreciated.



  • Randomize TelefragSpawners - randomly select which spawners to send cubes to. Adds to the uncertainty.
  • Increase Cube Speeds/Firing Speeds of Spawner.



  • A HUGE Thank you to Bridgeburner, Jimmy, Dragonfly and countless others for motivating me and providing me with the confidence to make this possible.
  • Most Importantly: My wife - without her love and support this would never have even started.
Edited by Pure Hellspawn

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This is a really cool idea! It'd be nice to have an Icon of Sin map where he actually FIGHTS you instead of just spitting out a bunch of monsters. Something like this is definitely needed since mouselook can make these fights so effortless. Great job Pure Hellspawn, hope to see more maps with this implemented.

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