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The Doomlad

(solved) Air control in doom

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So I've been trying to find a way to add air control into my map to make platforming better. I found a page on Zdoom wiki for a mapinfo change but when I put in the command "aircontrol = 1" into the lump nothing changes. No one seems to have an answer online and the ones I have found are to vague to work with. This is the Zdoom wiki page I was looking at https://zdoom.org/wiki/MAPINFO/Map_definition.


EDIT: So I found the fix 6 minutes after posting this.

Add a script to you map like this


script 999 enter
    SetAirControl (0.87);
The issue is that it does not recognize it at a value of 1 so just use anything slightly lowered

Edited by Customgtp : The issue is fixed

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Just to check, with the Mapinfo, were you fully defining the map or just literally typing "AirControl=1" into an otherwise empty lump?


Also, in your ACS, you would have needed "1.0" for it to work, rather than just "1".

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You probably need 1.0 rather than 1 in MAPINFO, too. That is because all numbers in Doom are stored the same way, as integers. "Real" numbers are stored in an integer variable as fixed point, where about half the bits are before the decimal point and the rest are after, and the decimal is fixed, always at the same place. If you put the integer value 1 in the variable, but the variable is then read as a fixed point value, it will be a very tiny fraction. The opposite is true, too: if you put 1.0 in a variable but it is then read as an integer, it will be a pretty big number.

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