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I found something

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Posted (edited)

Hi, I'm new and I wanted to comment that I found a room in original doom from an android emulator in double impact operational levelScreenshot_20190108-055509.png.c65d047951af881cee53d10d204e1abc.pngScreenshot_20190108-061532.png.2cbe412f540f76fed800d823114987fb.png

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I think you're not supposed to get here. This room of those sector control rooms to control height or sky. 

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Posted (edited)

Is this from FreeDoom? 

And I think "this is not a bug, this is a feature". Gotta check it out :P

By the way, I don't think iddqd/GOD is needed to get here.

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not familiar with this map but, I would imagine that those are monster holding cells where monsters chill until they get teleported elsewhere to try and kill the player :) .


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