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gzdoom - set savegame title to .wad/mapname?

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hello, is there a console command that allows you to create a savegame with the name of the .wad and/or mapname?


i'd like to have a proper quicksave function but i also play many different .wads, so the quicksave would be overwritten everytime i play a different .wad. so i thought whether it is possible to use a variable savegame title based on the map or .wad that i currently play.

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As far as I know, there is no command to change the savegame file name, but there is save_dir CVar:

If this CVAR is not empty, it will be interpreted as the path where savegames will be written and read. By default, it uses the current working directory. Either an absolute path or a path relative to the current working directory can be used.


And also -savedir command line parameter.


-savedir parameter overrides save_dir CVar.

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i don't need to change the filename. i need to create a save, i do this with a console command that i bound to a key: /save "quick"


this creates a savegame file that is named quick.


the problem is that whenever i use this keybind for another wad, the file is overwritten. hence i'd like to know if there's a way to have a variable that i can insert there instead of the "quick" string.

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"save" command is the same as you manual "overwrites" the slot you choose in Save Game menu, just like you have a save slot named "quick", then you save it again, and thus it overwrites(YES, you can overwrites other WAD(s) savegame(s) in the Save Game menu). I'm sure GZDooM will NOT check the current WAD(s) loaded when saving the game, it only checks when loading savegames(to prevent wrong/not exist/not compatible data from other WAD(s) get loaded then break the engine), so every time you use the bind it'll overwrites, the engine just doesn't check the savegame will be overwrites about it is from other WAD or not.


You have change the filename to other if you change the WAD(s) loaded if you don't want it get overwrites.

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