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Through this world,there no mercy.

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2 years ago back in 2016,I have created this idea for Action First Person Shooter game while back in 2017 in it development calling game "Planet". It take couple or more years making happened plus learning about making a video game like programming,music,gameplay,engine, writing and mostly everything to very details. Already laying out everything story,character and almost everything how got prefect Developers and Publishers. People Can Fly (Developers of Painkiller,Gears of War:Judgment and Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition) and MachineGames (Developers of Wolfenstein) also Certain Affinity . With Bethesda ( published games like Doom,The Elder Scrolls,Fallout,Rage,Dishonored,The Evil Within and Prey). Also got voice cast members are prefect Matthew Mercer,Nika Futterman,Lucie Pohl,Alesia Glidewell,Me (also as addition voice,one of co writer,director,beta tester and executive prouder) and few voices needing to cast in game. Gameplay be mix of old schools  (Doom,Wolfenstein 3D,Quake,Duke Nukem 3D,Serious Sam and Shadow Warrior) and modern (Bulletstorm,F.E.A.R.Halo,The Darkness,Crysis and Black) similar to 2016 reboot of DOOM,Painkiller,Bulletstorm and Wolfsenstein,reason use Bethesda for they engine id Tech 6 or maybe id Tech 7 use for Planet wanting feel game more live with equipment,places like city or rainforest,characters and every detail in game,plus the kills melee system like in Doom "Glory Kill" or  "Executions" from Gears of war like that. Noting more say about gameplay but still wanted to talk about it in future like at QuakeCon,PAX or E3 presentation about Planet   


Now story well this bit interest to say,Fallen Warrior (as player) awaking up on battlecruiser starship it under attack some strange animals/demon's hybrid like rats or inflect humans like zombie,you gone up grab you're suit and weapons shooting though enemies on ship and helped the soldiers in fight. Then in half way in hallway you're greeted to mercenary pirate hunter (voice Matthew Mercer) offer to help to get off this ship but ship engine is destroyed by some bigger both of you crushing landing on  "Durial"  a apocalyptic hell hole filled with demon's hybrids call "infects" and mutant gang bandits call "Quasit" with planet population humanity civilization decreased 89% (remained humans are escaped from Durial or living underground). You (Play as Fallen Warrior) and Mercenary join together though this hell so call planet finding away off this world,but later met this female soldier (voice by Nika Futterman) officer them taking to her people behind this operating on Durial. All went to hell,Demons are ripped this parallel dimension to invade to taking over Durial and merged this world and rest of planets in solar system they own, Now Grimm Warrior wanting stop hell invasion . Plan change now it up to Grimm Warrior join by Soldier and Mercenary adventure thoughts cities,rainforest planets and even hell alone (that you). Enemies will bigger,challenging,brutal and rage. But you be even more worst and scared some enemies to hidden in where they from,doing that with some back up 


Story sound familiar and it unoriginal (like PCF and Id other games not to name) but it was inspiration from not only games self as will also movies and novels as well like Planet of the apes,Predators,After Earth,Jurassic Park (there novel series before films) and Pitch Black give me idea and concept story for Planet. What do you guys think about my future game idea incredible is going hit with development by two amazing games developers one made gears of war and one reimagine/revision grandfather of all first person shooters all together give us a step grandson to Wolfenstein,Doom and Quake. Wanting a lore behind events and history like Durial not let you guys (gamers) felt confused what going on in world of Planet get concept lore in my head needing writing down and feasting whole thing out, alsoand who is Grimm Warrior (or prefer Fallen Knight) let say Planet have a tire in connection with Doom not saying they in share universe. But Grimm Warrior and Doom Slayer once knew each they will allies,enemies or who know? only time will tale. In like 10 or 11 years going make this game happened will turning into reality and will guys going love "Planet" going 9/10. It will having everything you guys love like from all you're old schools and new schools shooter's, it pay on that


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man your idea is really good for a doom like game and with some doom influence i think its a good idea to plan every aspect of youre game before you make it and then when you being to start the process of putting the game together which is to say making levels enemies weapons and graphics music sound effects and so on that once you know what you are going to use for all of those you then really can say you have an idea for a game and that is a good place to start from before you get the big companies like bethesda machinehead acclaim ljn wizardworks teamtnt and more then once it goes beyond the ideas and planning phase you enter the part where u assemble a team of highly trained and skilled modders mappers developers and all around game design gurus and you get than team together and you say right we have an idea here for a video game which as a type of electronic entertainment developed many decades ago and so once you have that team you can derive ideas from the best games ever made (from mario,tetris,halo) to dr jekyll and mr hyde even though they aunt all first person shooter action games they still contains lost of good ideas and themes music and sound effects and even despite theier age many still have very impressive graphics if you really consider the hardware for the time so what im saying is its good you have ideas and a team and resources to use because there is lots of inspiration to be had out in this great big world many people have created many things which u can look to for guidance now with all of this said if you are going for a doom like influence i must really strongly suggest and recommend that you create a really fun game that is nice to play and has a good story and good game mechanics and is overall fun and you have a very good and basic name for your game and i must say i respect that and am impressed by your ideals and ideas and i would definitely buy this game because it sounds like it takes a lot of influenza from doom quake geard of war serious sam duke nukem painkiller goldeneye perfect dark wolfenstein 3d and more classic that are similar to those such as the ones which i have listed and even if it will take 11 years or 111 years i think that your plan and your ideas are ready for this world and that we will use dollars that we earned either at a job or through inheritance or through dealing illegal narcotics to legally purchase this game from the vendor of your choice be it steam gog ebgames your local flea market or another vednor which is currently not coming to mind but either way you will make it and put it up for sale somehow and somewhere and people will use their aforementioned funds to acquire your software and run it on their platform of choice be it a personal computer tablet console or perhaps another device that will be developed before then that changes the face of technology and sweeps the nation and changes the cultural zeitgeist either for the better or for the worse and thats not even to mentioned the changed felt globally and by all of humanity i think this game is a really interesting idea and i am fascinated by it and would really like to hear more about it preferably include a lot of hyperlinks too so i can use my hand to move my mouse which pute the cursor on the screen over the link i wish to click then i click the link and it takes me to the url that u specificed when u made your post in the first place about your game which by the way sounds quite original and revolutionary despite taking many obvious notes and inspiration from the greats of both the past and the current era of gaming not just limited to the realm of fps but some good games to include on this list would be (doom,duke nukem,wolfinstein) thanks very much for sharing your plans and your ideas and they have really given me a lot to think about and turn over in my mind

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