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Best way to make new sprites?

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I'm making a new wad and I'd like to see if I could make some custom sprites for it. I don't want to spend any money on photoshop or something like that, so what free stuff do you guys use to make sprites?


Also, how do I put them into a wad?

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Posted (edited)

For drawing sprites, GIMP is the closest free equivalent to Photoshop AFAIK. Some people prefer Paint.NET, I haven't used it.


Getting your sprites to display in game is a different matter -- can't give you any pointers without knowing if your wad is designed for a source port or vanilla doom. To literally store them in a wad, I'd recommend SLADE. Use it to open your wad and then:


1. Click archive>new entry and name it SS_START

2. Click archive>new entry and name it SS_END

3. Then click archive->import files and load in your images. You'll need to then right click on them and convert them to Doom format. Your sprite entries should be after the SS_START marker and before the SS_END marker

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A very nice oldschool like software for purely pixel editing is also GrafX2 which has recently been in active development again. GraphicsGale has been made freeware recently and also comes highly recommended by pixelartists on Pixeljoint.com.


The hardest thing about sprites is to actually be able to draw countless iterations of the same actor. There are so many actions and rotations, that the number of images you have to draw is quite high. You might also want to check out basic 3D modeling software which can help you with animations and basic rotations.

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If you don't mind spending $12, ASEprite is amazing.

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