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Epicentre.wad (My first attempt at a making a Doom map)

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- A single map (replaces MAP01)

- Made in Doom Builder 2

- Tested w/ GZDoom

- Uses Doom II IWAD

- Recommend playing on HMP or Ultraviolence


The map is split into a few areas that differ thematically and aesthetically. I did this mainly for variety's sake. I also tried to emulate the looping and backtracking level design used in Doom/Doom II a bit.


Give me your thoughts and criticisms once you've played it. I'm keen to improve my level designing skills, since I'm currently studying a Game Design course, and I'll likely be continuing to make maps in my free time!


Mod DB link https://www.moddb.com/games/doom-ii/addons/epicentre






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Had a play through, nice quick snappy map. It was a nice hell themed level, I didn't think the themes changed too drastically apart from the slime corridor (Slime with no damage is always weird to me). I could access the armour without finding the button as well, I just wall humped it and it lowered somehow, it was on the corner of it. Some areas just seemed a bit weird to me aesthetically, it was either really busy or a bit bland. I know this sounds harsh and its pretty vague but I cant put my finger on it. If this is you're first attempt at a Doom map you did pretty well, you understand monster placement pretty decently and the map had some nice traps. Keep at it and you'll be making sick maps in no times.

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Welcome to Doomworld! Enjoy your stay.


Nice job with the post. A lot of people posting their first map don't seem to provide enough information, but you did. As for the map, it looks pretty good and you seem to have a good attitude about feedback. Keep that up and you'll keep getting better.


You tested it with GZDoom. Did you intend for the compatibility to be GZDoom? Or can you play it in other ports (vanilla, limit-removing, Boom)?

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Cheers Pegleg. Compatibility-wise, yeah I intended it for GZDoom (since that's what I'm familiar with), but I don't see why you couldn't try it with something else. 


And thanks for the feedback, Bushpig!

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38 minutes ago, BananaBase said:

Compatibility-wise, yeah I intended it for GZDoom (since that's what I'm familiar with), but I don't see why you couldn't try it with something else.

No like, what format did you make it in? Is it a boom map, a vanilla map, a limit-removing map, or did you just select a random format that said "GZDoom" in it? The actual format of a map is by far the most important piece of information to post with your map. Knowing what you tested it in is fine, but actually knowing what the map is is significantly more important.

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