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Senescence (single map)

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Hello all,


-tested and constructed in GZDoom likely only compatible in such

-MAP01 replacement which means Doom II IWAD

-Not tested in any other ports

-Single difficulty

-Nojump, nocrouch


The layout of this map was constructed over the course of an hour with an extra day or two for detailing and minor revisions. It is essentially a map to solidify some basics of map construction that I needed to iron out before continuing forwards with my mapset Ataraxia. It's a pretty standard toxic factory map. I've done a single playthrough and if there's any issues please let me know I will revise it and update it accordingly. Scythe style.




senescence 1.0.zip

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Random thoughts as they occur to me as I play the map:

  • The LITE3 at the beginning - I'm guessing those lines are about 47 long. Probably better to go slightly over than slightly under.
  • The SUPPORT textures in the same room are also a little off
  • Blood coming into drain is pretty cool. I'd probably give the blood some height (1 unit) on the stairs and some depth coming down.
  • The room at the top of the bloody stairs is nicely detailed, and I really like how it has lots of views to other places, even though going into that room itself appears entirely optional.
  • Seems to be some nice attention to lighting
  • The hall with STARTAN3 and BRONZE? looks weird; the transitions are awkward.
  • Misalignments in the ashwall section - probably just a matter of lower and upper unpegging
  • The hell knight "trap" is kinda weird. It's not difficult, yet it needs to be triggered by a switch, yet there's nothing in the closet except a secret. I can't decide if I kinda like that or not.
  • More monsters appearing as you backtrack is always good.
  • The lift in the room with the nukage pillar looks weird being lower unpegged. It's also a rather fast lift. 
  • The step texture as a ceiling in a huge room looks strange to me.
  • SR Doors can be really annoying
  • I'm not convinced the switches in the blue key room needed to start in SW2 state. That often just confuses players.
  • As far as I'm concerned, the blue key room was by far the best combat so far.
  • When the cement pillars lower, the cut off blue and silver texture looks weird.
  • After the blue door, I don't like the progression at all. I'm talking about hitting a switch right next to metal bars, but having said switch actually reveal another switch way earlier in the map, which second switch does lower those metal bars. Unless I got that sequence wrong, but that's what seemed to happen. I do like the demon trap in there though.
  • There seemed to be some visual bugging in that room after hitting that switch where the hell knights came from
  • I like the trick toward the end. I think you used a good light level. I don't really like that the actual exit is different from what is seen earlier, but there is iwad precedent for that, at least.
  • I finished 100/90/100.
  • I don't think there was more than the one rocket launcher, but the map seemed to depend on finding it. Lots of scattered rockets and a fair number of mid-tier monsters, sometimes in decent numbers
  • Besides the one issue, I thought the flow was nice. A little bit of exploration, two main objectives early, and lots of windows to see what's going on.
  • Combat was mostly pretty basic but a few fun, dynamic moments, like the blue key, the demon swarm, and the maze.
  • I'd play a mapset like this.

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@HAK3180 Thanks a lot for the constructive reply! Definitely extremely helpful and useful going forward and revising this map itself. This map was indeed designed to involve backtracking and in doing so force me to find places to hide monsters. I was directed this way by another doomworld users criticism of another map I recently made in which the battles were stale. It appears in this case, I was testing my own puzzle making capabilities and seeing how much mileage I could get out of a small map. Backtracking is what is necessary as you mentioned at that final gate where the switch does not open them. This was intentional and used to ultimately utilize backtracking. I am new to mapmaking in doom so taking risky shots in the dark like that are probably going to be successful and unsuccessful in future maps. I am always trying to find aesthetic consistency which will only happen if I continue to play/make maps and experiment with various texture compositions. I figure I should be competent with the stock textures before moving into texture packs. At any rate, you're the best for the bullet points and I had a blast making this little level as I myself loved playing short and sweet maps like those found in Scythe. It probably just met my attention span to looking at the same layout too, so, I just might continue to make a first mapset in this style for the time being.

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Hey there, just completed your map. This time, most of the fights were pretty fun and surprising, I especially like the room with the three switches lowering the key, which you can grab after only three by the way. I don't know if this is intentional, but I think it's cool and gives the player options. Definitely much better than the last one I played. Keep making stuff, I saw a lot of improvement, not just on the encounters, but the detailing as well.


Edit: forgot to mention this, I don't understand why the map was made in hexen format, nothing struck me as something that couldn't be done in Boom format, correct me if I'm wrong of course.

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@Egg BoySo you are correct that the map was made in Hexen format. I was unsure if I would attempt 3D bridging? Some thread I was perusing said something about Hexen format and 3D bridging. Also thank you for the kind words. I've really been working on improvement in all the different aspects of mapmaking so it's nice to hear that its been paying dividends.

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