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Jaws In Space

Vanilla limits question

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Is it possible to get Chocorenderlimits or Visplane Explorer to highlight the visible drawsegs or visplanes from a given position?


I'm trying to get rid of the Drawseg overflow on this map from this position. It would be immensely useful to be able to check the automap or something to see what I'm actually able to see. There are some windows behind this wall in front of me here, but because of the wall I don't have any clue as to what all I'm looking at.


Likewise in Visplane Explorer if I was able to click on a spot & then draw an arrow in the direction I'm looking to highlight the drawsegs/visplanes that I'm looking at, that would be super awesome too.


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The only thing I can think of is to edit the map, move the player start thing to that spot, and then when you start the game switch to the automap and it will show all the linedefs which can seen from that spot.

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I was thinking something similar, but that method is limited by only being able to place the player start at 45° angles.

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