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Chocolate Doom - port forwarded, server won't show.

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Hello, everyone! So recently, I've been trying to set up a server with chocolate Doom, and I've port forwarded 2342, with the game saying I'm connected to the master server, but my server doesn't display on the internet server list. What are the most common causes for such an occurrence, and what solutions can be taken to remedy this issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated, and more tech info can be provided if needed. :)

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It appears to be listed on the master server list now at the time of writing (listed as "Unnamed server"):




If you initially started up the server and forgot to give it a name, it'll be stuck with the "Unnamed server" name for probably around 4 hours until the master server refreshes.

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If your server is responding saying your server can be seen, then it can be seen.

Your problem here is more likely that you can't see your own server because your router doesn't support looping back connections of its on WAN address (this is fairly common) so you won't be able to ping your own server from your own network from the master server listing. 

If you want to connect to it, you'll have to use a local IP directly, either the LAN address of the hosting machine, or the local host address ( if it's the same machine. 

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