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Missing music?

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So, i am currently playing Hellbound, and everytime i load my saved game, the music is missing but appears at random when i start a level, and this is not the first time it happens, it happens with every wad, i guess is a gzdoom flaw. How can this be fixed? BTW, someone should put the name of the tracks Hellbound uses, because they are nowhere to be found, and they did not created them. Also it has a very irritating gimmick of turning everything as dark as possible, but that is for the review.

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I've recently encountered the no music weirdness you described myself.  GZDoom being tempermental maybe; wish I knew how to fix it.  As for the darkness, it could be that when launching, GZDoom is starting with no gamma correction regardless of what it was at before.  F11 until you reach your preferred brightness will correct this.  That's what's happening for me anyways.

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