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Sikkmod platforming issue w/ video

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I've completed Doom 3 previously but never played using sikkmod, started a new game, all is fine. Until I got to alpha labs sector 4.


I made a video of the issue I'm having, I start by paying vanilla Doom 3 to show I can complete the platforing part 1st time. I then boot up sikkmod and show you how I cannot complete this sectio. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0NW_I0vhKM 


It's as if doomguy isn't going fast enough when sprinting. Is this a known bug in sikkmod? There is an option in sikkmod to increase the player speed to doom1+2 but I wanna keep it at Doom 3 speed

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As far as I know Sikkmod does not change any of the gameplay aspects of the game, this jump is a little bit of a bitch even in the normal game but I'm not sure, I haven't gotten that far in the game with Sikkmod, the running speed seems unchanged to me.

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Cheers for responding,

Running in Sikkmod does feel slower to me but that could also be down to FOV?

As shown in my video I can do platforming effortlessly.

I just change player movement in sikkmod menu when any platforming sections appear.

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