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The "Random" Links Thread

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Welcome to the "Random" links thread, this is probably the place to put random stuff. I know that there's the Random Image and Video Thread, but this for the other links.



.Make sure the link you've posted doesn't have viruses, malware, or other dangerous stuff that will harm your computer.

.Also make sure that the link you've posted doesn't have any "NSFW" stuff on there.

.Only put "SFW" links in the thread.


Note: If anyone tries to break a rule in this thread, make sure report that.


...And now I'm done talking, here's my example: https://glitched.africa/features/msi-gs75-stealth-new-improved-rtx-cooling-and-it-can-play-diablo-immortal/

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Just Beam it. A nice option for sending files. It uses your browser and gives the recipient 10 minutes to grab the download before the link dies. https://www.justbeamit.com/


There's also 10 Minute Mail that gives you a temp email for signing up for rubbish sites. Good way to avoid spam to your regular email address. https://10minutemail.com/10MinuteMail/index.html?


Cloud Convert. I haven't tried it yet but supposedly it'll convert lots of different files. https://cloudconvert.com/


Radio Garden. It loads a Google Earth type of map and you can move the circle to diff radio stations. http://radio.garden/


My Food My Fridge. Check the boxes of what food you have in your fridge and it comes up with recipes. http://www.myfridgefood.com/


This To That! Tells you what is the best options are for gluing stuff together. http://www.thistothat.com/

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Found this funny paper today. From the year 2000, titled "Doom as an Interface for Process Management"

http://ein.blue:70/text/Doom as an Interface for Process Management (2000).txt



ABSTRACT This paper explores a novel interface to a system administration task. Instead of creating an interface _de novo_ for the task, the author modified a popular computer game, Doom, to perform useful work. (...)


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