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1000 Line Community Project - Released

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I’m not surprised this filled up fast! Looks like 2019 will be a great year for megawads 

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2 hours ago, Voltcom9 said:

Damn! I missed a map slot for this. With limitations like this there should be some neat maps.


Sorry about that, the slots did go very quickly! I will add you to the list, in case people drop out etc.

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I might consider having my map in the MAP15 slot so that there will be a secret exit to MAP31.

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20 hours ago, Walter confetti said:

Yeah, I know that I have already 2 community projects on the go


Regrettably this was the reason why I didn't sign up for this since I also have join two community projects. 


Best of luck to everyone here and looking forward to this in a couple of months.


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Well, I finished my map, but I can't share it with you by now (no internet until next week) 

It probably need some tweaks on difficulty, by the way. But I would need some playtesting, not only from me.


Going to post it on discord whenever I can.

Good luck to the mapping team on their levels!

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My map is done, download here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/2md61ib9xjqffa5/nukutil.zip



"Nukage utilizer" by riderr3
For 1000 lines community project

Advanced engine needed: No advanced engine required
Music: BLACK.mid by BJ34
Other files required: 1k-res-v1d.wad
Map: MAP25
Restriction: yes, map contains 930 lines
Single Player: Designed for
Cooperative: Yes
Deathmatch: Yes
Difficulty Settings: Yes
Build Time: 8 days
Editor(s) used: GZDoomBuilder-bugfix, SLADE3, WadSpy
Tested With: Chocorenderlimits 1.5.0, Chocolate Doom 2.3.0
Comment: This is mostly straightforward map when you'll need to visit nukage utilizer facility and get back.



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Getting close to finishing my Ep 1 City-styled map.  It might be small, but it's got bite!  1000 lines is a fun challenge, really ensures you stay focused on the gameplay above all else.



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I managed to complete a techbase map, so i'll share some screens, i managed to keep it at exactly 1000 lines :P






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Hello everyone, time for an update on the project so far...


We have 17 summitted maps so far, which is rather grand. Progress is moving forward at a very good rate.


We also have an excellent new title midi, courtesy of Eris Falling and AD_79 is in the progress of making some awesome midis for people's levels as well.


Today, I thought I would post some screenshots from the city episode, so without further ado..


- Ebb - By Lord_Z






- Flow - By Dreadopp








- Town Square - By Liberation








- The storm drain - By Bauul








"Ebb" and "Flow" have been made to run back to back, which works a treat, both are lovely maps and play well. My own level "Town square", has had a fair amount tuning since the project started, and the excellent "The storm drain" is also great fun to play.


More screenshots will be incoming.


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Just gonna bump this thread to let everyone know that this CP is still a thing. I just finished up my entry:

MAP01 (32).png

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Hello all, this is certainly still a thing, the project has 21 maps completed so far!


A few screenshots from the last episode this week.


@Walter confetti's Map, kick starts the techbase episode.




Restricted sector by @DMPhobos



Nukage utilizer by @riderr3



And last but not least, @Alter took on the Map30 slot and created Sinner's Redemption.



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10 minutes ago, Liberation said:

and her hell map kicks ass in the hell episode. (shame your DM skills are not as good as your mapping :-p)


Liberation reporting the progress that matters

Edit: Oh and sweet looking levels. The invul is for all the mappers :)

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I kicked Bridge's ass in last week's dm, good enough for me ;p
Thanks for including me in the screens! I'm super excited for the release of this project, can't wait to share it with the community :D and obviously stream shenanigans will be had ;p

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Time for some more pictures!


@Nootrac4571 Has made a level for the city/hell episode which turns in to a complete bloodbath!




@General Rainbow Bacon Hell map keeps you on your toes. Btw sorry I have not got back to you, thank you for the map. It is greatly appreciated!




Chaingunner, has populated the techbase episode with this tough little map.




@antares031 Has created this absolute gem for the techbase episode as well!



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