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Starting a YouTube Channel Around Custom Maps

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I hope I'm posting this in the appropriate area because it does pertain to WADs. I'm not sure if many of you may remember me, but I made a post almost a year ago about recording WADs and how the videos should be formatted. I've finally built up the motivation to start setting things up and create a channel introduction. I will be playing several retro shooters that run on the Doom engine, and a few other games that are more modern like Halo: Custom Edition and Left 4 Dead 2. I absolutely love the Doom modding community and I would love to playthrough some of the best maps that I can find. Any and all feedback to my videos will be much appreciated. 


If you are interested in the development of this channel, please let me know about some of the Doom community's greatest works, and I will be sure to playthrough them. I'm hoping to provide a rating scale at the end of the WADs (I'm still experimenting with the format of my videos).


This is a passion project of mine. I am currently in college and would like to do this in my free time, but when life takes over, I will need to focus on that first. I will try my best to stay mildly consistent with my uploads. I think it is important to expose the Doom modding community and the work they have created over the past 25 years. It's actually mind-blowing how creative and passionate everyone is on here, and I think the best way to appreciate these projects is to explore them together.


I will provide the channel introduction video below so you can get an idea of what I'm about:



Thanks everyone, and please keep up the incredible work! Long live Doom!

Edited by FrogMaster : I've had some things come up in college and life, so I want to show that I am waiting till the summer to upload.

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