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Problems With Custom MIDI/MUS In MS-DOS Doom

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I'm having trouble getting MIDI/MUS files to play properly in my upcoming classic Doom WAD. All three tracks I plan on using are from the PC game The Magic School Bus Explores The Human Body, as they are all in MIDI format. They work the way they should in GZDoom and similar source ports, but in MS-DOS, they play much slower than they should. I even tried to convert them with the program MIDI to MUS, but that didn't work. Can someone please help out? I attached a ZIP file with the MIDI files in it.


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I’ll look into this later if no one else does, I had a midi I tried to use do the same thing once. Messing with the tempo and header info in the midi just minorly seemed to fix it which I know is bizarre (I didn’t actually do anything of substance). Maybe it will work here too.

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