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Is Doom Builder 2 Development Discontinued?

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I noticed that Doom Builder 2 hasn't been updated since June 1, 2012, but the website for it is still up. I've used Doom Builder 2 since 2011, and I remember working on my first Doom WAD with it. With all of these forks such as Doom Builder X and GZDoom Builder, I wonder what the future of DB2 will be. I also notice that @CodeImp is still active on these forums, so I wonder what they would say on this matter.

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Quite dead. Its successors are DBX (as mentioned) and GZDoom Builder Bugfix (which itself is a fork of GZDoom Builder, which was forked off Doom Builder 2).

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CodeImp reappeared recently, yeah; but that was after a five-year leave of absence.

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28 minutes ago, riderr3 said:

I wonder did Romero still use DB2. His new mapset is on the way.

Since he plays on GZDoom, it wouldn't surprise me if he used GZDoom Builder or GZDBBF. 

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