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Monster generator script


Hello all,

GZDoom, Doom Builder 2, UDMF map.

I would like to:

1)Spawn a zombie at a map spot

2)Thrust it in a know direction

3)Repeat 25 times

Unfortunately my script seems not to work as expected: some zombies are thrusted, some are not.


        int NewZombieTid=UniqueTID(); //Unused TID
        for(int nSpawn=0;nSpawn<25;;)    
                ThrustThing(180*256/360,30,0,ZombieTid); //Thrust the just generated zombie in 180 degree direction
                ZombieTid=UniqueTID(); //Get another TID


Any idea?

Thank you!


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That script will not even complie because of syntax errors in your for loop, and even if it'd compile it would not spawn anything because you're supplying a wrong 2nd parameter to Thing_Spawn. Here's a working version:

#include "zcommon.acs"

script 1 OPEN
    int SpotId = 1;
    int ZombieTid = UniqueTID();

    for(int nSpawn=0; nSpawn<25; nSpawn++)
        while(!Thing_Spawn(SpotId, T_ZOMBIE, 180*256/360, ZombieTid))

        ThrustThing(180*256/360, 30, 0, ZombieTid); // Thrust the just generated zombie in 180 degree direction
        ZombieTid = UniqueTID(); // Get another TID

Note that the T_ZOMBIE is not in quotes, since it's a constant defined in one of the files included by zcommon.acs. If you want to spawn things by their class name you have to use SpawnSpot or one of it's variants.


Example WAD is attached.


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