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Early and unused DOOM 64 Level Designs

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4 hours ago, whatup876 said:

Not sure if you mind me asking this, but how much more D64 concept art do you have?

This is all of the Doom artwork Shawn Murphy has posted, and that constitutes all of the Doom 64-related concept art we've ever seen. The only sorta similar things we have are the pictures of the latex demon models made by Gregor Punchatz, as posted earlier in this thread.

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22 hours ago, Dark Pulse said:

Errrr, what? Cyberdemons were alive and well in Doom 64. Did you not play MAP25: Cat and Mouse?


Or MAP24: No Escape, which has three of them on Watch Me Die! difficulty?

Not to mention that there is one in the opening sequence constantly shooting rockets at the camera and there is a moment where the camera gets very close to it.

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I think he was referring to the old design of it, with dual rocket launchers. Would be curious to know why that was abandoned.

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The Annihilator Cyberdemon on Realm667's Beastiary. Eriance probably found the early box art and made it a real monster.

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