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Egg Boy

Best Intermission Text You've Read/Written

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Hey, all! What's the best intermission text you've read or written (it it's the former, I ask that you provide the wad's name for reference). 


Here's something I've been cooking up for a project I'm starting (the over the top machismo is intentional).


After scaling the mountain of corpses left in your wake, you stop, if only for a moment, to admire your handiwork. You had overcome the Phobos incident and Earth's hellish invasion prevailing, shotgun in hand. Now the only thing that stands between you and the bastards who did this to your home is the gaping maw of hell itself. Somehow, its embrace had never seemed quite so warm. Grinning, you grab your gun. Cold steel. And plunge deep into the fires of Hades. Red Hot.

(I hope this is ridiculous enough)


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10 minutes ago, Nine Inch Heels said:


The most amazing thing about this intermission screen is the doortrak.

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I just finished Doomworld Forum Adventures Trilogy and I think this is the best intermission. (Sorry about the Fraps FPS counter btw, I forgot to disable it)


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After watching a speedrun of Deus Vult II's level 31 called "The Manliest Fight Ever", I was kinda disappointed the intermission screen that lead to it didn't have anything special to it. Same day I dreamt about an intermission text that said something like "The greatest leaders, revolutionaries, martial artists and fighters of the world have challenged you to a fight. This will be the manliest fight ever!"

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I don't really remember any intermissions from the wads I've played. Not off the top of my head.


I think I wrote some cool intermissions for the Karnak mods, though. These are the intermissions from the Karnak mod for Hexen:



Post Seven Portals:



Post Shadow Wood:



Post Seminary:



Post Castle:



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1 hour ago, antares031 said:

"Remember to tell your grandkids to put a rocket launcher in your coffin.


If you go to hell when you die, you'll need it for some final cleaning-up." - The Plutonia Experiment



Still one of my favorites. Maybe we can even make a megawad out of this.

I thought that was the end of Doom 64.


Still a great final line.

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9 hours ago, Baratus said:


lol what the hell was this from?

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On 1/16/2019 at 4:33 AM, Impie said:

lol what the hell was this from?

Looks something from 32 in 24 series... maybe the sp one (how Hamburglar stole christmas)

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pretty much all the lines from the n64 port of Hexen. they're well-written and capture an epic feel. I'll drop a few for reference:


Other horsemen have attempted to conquer worlds only to be defeated. Here in deadly radiance lies the heart of D’Sparil, first of the serpent riders to fall in battle.

Death is straightforward and direct within the basilica of the great worm.

In this prison's long and bloody history, only a single captive ever escaped. With no witnesses save for the prisoner's cage, the means of the breakout remains a mystery.

"... and he shall journey into the realms of the dead, and contest with the forces therein, unto the very gates of despair. But whether he shall return again to the world of light, no man knows."

At last, you now stand poised to battle Korax, the second Serpent Rider. Your fate shall be eternal glory or excruciating death.

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