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Four day weekend -- scripts and speed!

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Its finally fall break. I don't have class Monday or Tuesday next week, so that means I'll be able to add a ton more scripting functionality. Progress had sort of stalled out the last 3 days or so due to my big Software Engineering project at school :P

Could a beta release happen this weekend? I dunno. I kind of doubt it, but if I get enough cool-looking stuff working I will consider it. Just don't get your hopes up -- after all it took me about 2 weeks last time after I thought I could release.

Also, I've been looking at ways to improve Eternity's framerate in hi-res. So far, everything is falling flat, because Eternity is spending more time in SDL_UpdateRect than it spends in R_DrawColumn. That means at this point, you could run Eternity with -nodraw and it would still be pathetic.

I need to talk to SoM about getting i_video.c rewritten. I looked at prboom and what they do is nothing like what we do. I don't know what the difficulty is in trying their method, but I think we should and see if its faster. If it is, then we should go with it. If not, then nothing has been lost.

I'd also like to know what in SDL_UpdateRect could possibly be using 14% of the execution time -- * growls *

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