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haruko haruhara

is there any very hard wads where they have 3000000 or more

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i have been looking for very hard wads where they almost look like chillax or holy hell like sf2011 map 30 or any hard map if i had the mapping skill i wood make a slaughter level that might have about like 30000000000000000000000000 monsters or something like that say what you got to say about this topic

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4 hours ago, VoidЯemedy said:

Scythe MAP29 UV no quicksaves will give you a run for your money. 

none of scythe's maps are anywhere near as hard as the maps behind the links I have provided. (Also true for scythe II, fyi)

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3 hours ago, Woolie Wool said:

It makes a nice CPU benchmark.

Using ZDoom will probably make your PC explode. I'd use prboom/crispydoom.


Both have the same result of breaking doom's engine entirely.

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If you're strictly looking for a map that has a massive number of monsters, a couple of the ones Nine Inch Heels provided are good examples.

Experiencing Nirvana has a map that has over 160,000 zombiemen in it.

Also there's a map made not too long ago but not actually released, as best as I'm aware, that has over one million lost souls in it.


Of course, there's also one particular wad that seems to have been overlooked:

Some of its maps have monster counts in the thousands.


If it's not necessarily monster count, but difficulty you're after, again, Nine Inch Heels gave some excellent examples, and Sunder still stands.

There's also Sunlust, which isn't slaughter most of the time, Stardate 20X7 has a little slaughter toward the end, Stardate 20X6, and Mayhem 18 Purple and Orange each have a few very difficult maps, made by the same folks who made Flotsam in most cases.

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The Eclipse of Betelgeuse by Antares031 (SlaughterMax MAP28) has 30,000+ monsters iirc.


It's a very good map, you'll need to try it.

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On 1/19/2019 at 1:53 PM, Empyre said:




None of these are in /idgames, or I would have posted those links.  They all have tens of thousands of monsters, and not all in one room like nuts, but proper maps.  I enjoy them with overpowered weapons.

Why none of these are not on /idgames/ is a damn shame. That's why I got the Planisphere series on there so it wouldn't vanish.

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Reading this thread gave me the impression how awesome our era is. Instead of wars, poverty, starvation, our problems are the lack of 100000000000 monster wads.

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You can always make your own crazy slaughtermaps in OBLIGE too. Takes minutes. They may be a tad unbalanced if you don't tweak the quantities of certain enemies, though.

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