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Doom Rebalanced - A vanilla-inspired rebalance mod

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It's because I'm using a custom armor system that overrides the commonly used one. Modders rarely ever touch armor in this game outside of adding new tiers so there's little in the way of actual custom armor. No modded HUD will show armor because they're not looking for the right thing to count armor and what type it is. There is a way around this but it would be such a nightmare to implement that I'd rather just port over the kills, items, secrets, and time to the current fullscreen HUD and add them as toggles.


The most I can do as far as custom HUDs go is add compatibility patches, but that would be a lot of legwork since I really need them to be written in ZScript while most still use SBARINFO (for simplicity reasons). Otherwise I need to recreate them from scratch to make sure all the features are there. Maybe I can find a better solution to this in the future.

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7 hours ago, Boondorl said:

I'd rather just port over the kills, items, secrets, and time to the current fullscreen HUD and add them as toggles.


That would be great. As long as one can track his stats without spamming tab while demonbanging, I'm okay with it.




Solved it! It's possible to use Simple UI Add-ons by Tekish to get the info in the regular fullscreen HUD.



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Beta 4 has arrived! Not much to say about this one. An important crash fix, further tweaking of weapons (this time geared towards cheats), fullscreen options, the enemy melee toggle, and an important fix for Revenants being dopey. Enemies in general are slightly more intelligent now as well. I'm pretty happy with the set of features I have so this'll likely be the last beta before full release. If everything goes smoothly expect this version to transition into 1.0 next week.

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v1.0 is finally out! It's been a while since I've updated this (and this update has been ready for a really long time...) but I didn't have the energy to get around to doing the post modifying needed. I have some downtime though and figured now would be a better time than ever since I'm incredibly busy with school at the moment and finally have a break. The changelog has been updated to reflect being v1.0 but there are some very important tweaks in this update. More fullscreen HUD options, some bug fixes to make enemies more consistent, but most importantly some behavioral changes to the BFG and shotguns that fixes a few issues. Unfortunately these changes mean your old saves are very likely to break. They'll throw an error if:

  • The level had a BFG on it that you hadn't picked up yet
  • You saved in the middle of pumping or reloading a shotgun

I apologize for the inconvenience, but such is the life of beta testing and it's very unlikely this will ever be an issue again.


In the mean time I've been working on a mod for another id Software game that arguably needs it much more. Quake Rebalanced is in the works and has a similar goal to this mod: make the weapon variety better, rebalance the items, clean up messy item management, and make the enemies smarter and scarier. The mod is very far along and hopefully I can get a release up sometime soon over at QuakeOne.

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would love to check out the Quake Rebalanced mod whenever it's released, if you're able to post a heads up in this thread too whenever that happens! awesome work on this mod too; can't wait to see the Quake one if the quality of this one is any indication!

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Wowza, been a while since I updated this. I've had some free time lately and decided to come back to this project and fix it up a little. Still a lot of cleaning up to do, but I figured I'd get an update out in the meantime. Lots of tweaks for bullet projectiles that should help make them more satisfying along with some offset fixes (most noticeable on the Spider Mastermind). A lot of time away from it gave me a fresh view and I feel that overall some things were a little too fast such as the swap speed. Shotguns have also gotten a light rework to make them a bit more realistic in the ballistics department, mainly inspired by adding the new cone-based spread system.


Nothing drastic this update, but hopefully with the new Doom 64-based recoil system it can give the weapons some more oomph. The more controversial stuff will probably be the changes to the formerly hitscan enemies. I haven't extensively tested it out but the extremely high damage of the Sergeant makes me a bit worried, and the increased range of the Mastermind might also be problematic (though for a boss enemy it really should have some better range).

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