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Is it no longer possible to leave reviews or ratings on /idgames?

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Ages ago when I used to browse this website, on each idgames entry there used to be a text box where you could leave your review. Now I'm back, everything's all different, Doomworld seems to have turned into some sort of social media site, and the review text field on idgames pages is nowhere to be seen. I tried looking up the wad in question on the new "files" section on Doomworld but it doesn't seem to be there either. I imagine this is probably me having no wits again, so has this functionality been disabled in preparation for moving over to the new system? Or have I just missed something obvious? Cheers

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I wasn't around at that time, but I've been told reviews can now only be written on the new Downloads page of the respective wad.


So, the old system was pretty much replaced, although you can still upload stuff on the /idgames database.

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