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What is the First Zdoom version that supports mapinfo?


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While 1.17c is the first entry whose changelog mentions MAPINFO, it's to list an enhancement to it (new keywords), so the feature was present earlier. I'm going to go with 1.13 for that:



New features for level designers (see editing.txt for details):

  • Specification of next and secret maps on a per-map basis.
  • Specify sky texture on a per-map basis.
  • Use any lump in a wad as music for a map.
  • Give maps a custom name without using a DeHackEd patch.
  • Maps can be named anything (not just E?M? or MAP??).
  • Place any messages of any length between any two maps.


All these things, as we know, were implemented in ZDoom through MAPINFO.


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