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2 sector plat into one group?


i have some issues with a plat. see on the screenshot there's the plat consisting of two sectors. that's for aesthetic reasons.


there are two issues with this.


smaller issue: when i use the function "plat lower wait raise (lip)" it plays the correct platform sound. but the plat doesn't work because of the two sectors. the inner sector thinks it's already at it's destination, because of the outer sector. this can be fixed by using "platdownbyvalue". this function will move both sectors just fine. but this function plays a different sound. can this be fixed with a different function?


now the big issue: for clarity, this plat goes down (plat_downbyvalue). this plat can actually be blocked when it goes back up to it's original position, because there's a ceiling in the way. the problem with this is that each sector can be blocked separately. so, when i only block the outer sector, the outer sector goes back down to the floor level but the inner sector goes back up to it's original position. how do i prevent this?



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Please mark boris's post as the solution, so this question will show up as solved.

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