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How to put music in a wad file?

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You need to use Slade or a similar Wad editor.  In basic Doom source ports, you need to use a MIDI file (or .MUS file) and replace the music file that is automatically played depending on the map.  For example, Doom 2 Map01 always plays the file D_RUNNIN, so you need to rename for Midi file D_RUNNIN to play.


More advanced source ports support more extensive file formats, and the files can be named different things.  You typically define them in MAPINFO lumps, or that source port's equivalent.

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here's a list of doom 2 maps and their respective music codes:


title - D_DM2TTL
intermission - D_DM2INT
endgame - D_READ_M


map01 - D_RUNNIN
map02 - D_STALKS
map03 - D_COUNTD
map04 - D_BETWEE
map05 - D_DOOM
map06 - D_THE_DA
map07 - D_SHAWN
map08 - D_DDTBLU
map09 - D_IN_CIT
map10 - D_DEAD
map11 - D_STLKS2
map12 - D_THEDA2
map13 - D_DOOM2
map14 - D_DDTBL2
map15 - D_RUNNI2
map16 - D_DEAD2
map17 - D_STLKS3
map18 - D_ROMERO
map19 - D_SHAWN2
map20 - D_MESSAG
map21 - D_COUNT2
map22 - D_DDTBL3
map23 - D_AMPIE
map24 - D_THEDA3
map25 - D_ADRIAN
map26 - D_MESSG2
map27 - D_ROMER2
map28 - D_TENSE
map29 - D_SHAWN3
map30 - D_OPENIN
map31 - D_EVIL
map32 - D_ULTIMA

doom 1 just uses the actual map name, i.e. e2m1 is called D_E2M1

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or if you want to make a pk3 instead, just create a folder called MAPS and a folder called MUSIC. There are other folders you can create for textures and whatnot if you're going further, then use MAPINFO in the parent folder to link to the music from the level code (just look in the zdoom wiki and search anything really if this doesn't help) and then zip everything up, and rename the zip file to .pk3

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