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Have you ever found cases of bootleg WAD's on retail?

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As it is common, specially on countries like mine, to find bootleg games (or even well known hacks) from Sega/nes/snes on retail stores. Have you ever encountered some weird case of a retailer wanting to sell a bootleg megaWAD?

And I'm not talking about compilations such as maxium Doom or commercial PWADs

For example, let's say that some game store sold back in the day Memento Mori as an expansion for Doom2, or something like that. 


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Doom Forever, a hack of PSX version of Doom was being sold in Russia: https://youtu.be/7DtjtPH_Ya8 slightly NSFW because of some texture replacements


My friend bough a pirate compilation of various games in late 99's, among them was "Doom 3 Legacy" or something like that, it was a package of a really old Doom Legacy sourceport and some levels. I should investigate it more probably.

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