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Using Vulkan causes instabilities with Nvidia GPU's?

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For a while, now, even with souped up hardware, Doom 2016 would randomly crash out of nowhere, sometimes after only a few minutes. Someone on the Steam forum mentioned that using Vulkan on Doom 2016 causes frequent crashes with Nvidia GPU's. Sure enough, after crashing within 6 minutes and 10 seconds on Vulkan, it lasted over 31 minutes on OpenGL with no issues.

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Strange.  I have a GeForce 1080 and I've had good luck with Vulcan, having only 1 memorable crash since the mid fall. 

Is there any lead to what causes the crashes with Vulkan versus openGL?

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Not a clue, my temperatures are always fine and Task Manager never shows anything spiking too hard when it decides randomly to freeze and close. I'm glad I found a solution but it's a strange problem.

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