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32in24-17 - 3-Way CTF

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A couple of notes on MAP20, since they stuck out during the playtest session and haven't been mentioned yet:

  • That greenish-grey metallic texture that's used all over made me always think I was in the Green base. That might need some swapping out.
  • There's two green flags and no blue flag. Whoops. :P


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MAP23 "Telethon Triumvirate" // by Shaikoten


A thing that would elevate the map immensely would be to change the teleporter cubbyholes into wide gate-like portals using something like Boom's action 244 (silent teleport to a line of same tag, keep angle). That action doesn't freeze the player, so they can jump out at the other side in full speed and at an angle. That limits camp/spam considerably, because you can immediately escape sideways. Other than that, add a fourth spawn and remove cell ammo and it should be reasonably playable in public events.


MAP24 "Resonance" // by Juza


Agreed with bones, the flagroom is fantastically bad, haha. The door must go and the entrance should be wider. My other complaint would be the side hallways - they're a good from the layout perspective, but the arches cut into the movement corridor too much and players end up getting caught on them while trying to fight in this tiny wild map. So if you don't want to sacrifice them altogether (or fully insert them into the walls), just make them less prominent. Oh and the central gazebo isn't symmetric, you could make it a triangle shape reversed to that of the entire map. I'm strangely fine with the plasmas, even though I'd originally suspect them to be a ticket to spam hell, heh.


You should also add a third spawn and move the existing ones slightly more to the corners of those hallways - and move the SSGs directly on top of them, this "slightly out of reach" stuff is an unnecessary diversion in a map with frenetic pacing. Oh and throw a green armor in every base in some nice prominent central spot.



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I appreciate the feedback @dew & @HumanBones, as always :).  I've got three updated maps to dump for yall, each with escalating changelog lengths :P


Yoo Hoo Wrecking Crew (v2) - http://mekworx.the-powerhouse.net/mekastuff/wads/32in24/32in24-17/mek-yoo_hoo_wrecking_crew-v2.wad



- Removed one of the spawns and made them less symmetrical.

- Added some stims in the empty lower mid areas.

- Blocked off the decorative cubby holes with some fence textures.

- Pretty much just did exactly what dew mentioned :P.  Really happy to hear you guys liked this one!


Butt Scratcher Deluxe (v2) - http://mekworx.the-powerhouse.net/mekastuff/wads/32in24/32in24-17/mek-butt_scratcher_deluxe-v2.wad


(tl;dr - I pretty much did what dew and HumanBones suggested plus some extras that I came up with.  Tried to make the bases and routes more open while hopefully fixing the teleporters)



-Base teleport destinations were moved.  They aren't in the center (sorry HumanBones, I had a hard time figuring out where to put them), but I got pretty close.  They dump the player in an elevated cubby hole near the GA.  This is somewhat near the mid and starts pretty much at the beginning of the elevated route.

- Base teleporters now have blocking lifts that that must be lowered before they can be walked through.

- The right-side entrance to the base can now be accessed from the mid.  This route also has stairs leading up to the same level as the elevated left-side route, so the player can jump across the gap and go that way.

- Moved the rockets from the right-side route down to the main lower hallway.

- The darkened stairway/hallway leading to/from the teleporter hub was opened up a bit so base defenders can see enemies and shoot at them from more angles.

- Opened up the stairway near the flag at the back of the base.  Stairs are also easier to run up to from perpendicular angles.

- Added two lifts in the lower hallway at about the halfway point (where the gap coming from the teleporter hub is located).

- The flag stand lift has been altered.  There are now four switches which raise/lower it; a set of two at ground level and another set of two on the upper hallway.  Instead of a timed raise/wait/lower lift, players can now raise or lower the platform on demand.

- Added a small escape hole in the upper wall of the flag stand so runners can pop out that way when the stand is up.

- The lower flagstand platform switch was pushed back into the wall, and the new right-side wall is a blocking fence.  I did this to give a bit more line-of-sight to the lower hallway while the flagstand is in the upper-position.

- The ceiling lights in each base have been made full-bright.

- Each base has a bit more texture differentiation to make them stand out a bit more from each other.

- Redid the visuals in the mid so it looks a bit nicer.  Also added a few minor details in places.


Bonus Screenshots:




Swirly-o-tron (v3) - hhttp://mekworx.the-powerhouse.net/mekastuff/wads/32in24/32in24-17/mek-swirlyotron-v3.wad

Note to @Marcaek - please change the sky to OSKY32 for this one.  Also one of the red lights (OLGHTC05) seems to be messed up in game.  In GZDB is appears correctly, but in game it shows up as a green light.  Last thing, music is still all the same.  The midis are included in the wads, but the credit info should still be in my original post HERE.


(tl;dr - Rebuilt the map from scratch.  Its using the same basic concept but with a bunch of changes and more than 5 seconds of thought put into it.  Also its properly detailed now.  I know its a jokey map but I wouldn't mind some more feedback on it).



So I actually rebuilt this map from scratch today.  It is meant to be a dumb joke map, but I didn't put in much effort to polish the concept because I ran out of time.  Dunno why I felt the need to spend a bunch of hours remaking a joke map, but I did.  Maybe it'll actually be decent now :P



- Smoothed out the walls of the swirl trench so its should reduce any annoying wall snagging.

- Reversed the flow of the swirl trench (seems like its easier to get off when its moving in the other direction).

- Tweaked the raising/lowering doors around the flag stands.  They raise all the way up now, and the switch that use to lower the RL lift now acts as a secondary lowering switch.

- Removed one of the two switches at the back of the bases and moved the location so its directly behind the flag.

- Made the outer ring wall barriers longer.

- Raised up the base separating walls higher.

- Removed the midtex bridges that lead from the outer ring to the GA paths (you can jump that gap easily).

- Moved the wall opening switches down in the swirly trench and made them bigger/easier to press.

- The RL lift now activates by pressing the lift wall.

- The wall close action is now faster.

- The main flag stand openings were made narrower (when the walls are down).

- Fixed the wall lower switches so that they cannot be pressed until the walls are completely raised up.

- The outer ring areas behind each base have been made a bit bigger.



- First thing, the map is now properly symmetrical (old map was entirely drawn by hand was wasn't as symmetrical as it should have been).

- As a side-effect of making the map symmetrical, the super-fast trench route isn't quite as smooth (as in its not a nice rounded triangle shape).  The shape has extra curves, but it doesn't seem to make a huge impact compared to the old version).

- The whole map is a little bigger by probably 50% or so.

- There's now an outer ring (above and beyond the swirl trench) that can be accessed via floating bridges or by jumping from certain areas.  This opens the map up a bit more and acts as another route to reach the other bases.

- The blocking flagstand wall mechanic has been left intact, but it functions a bit differently.  There are three switches that can open the wall - two behind the base on the outer ring, and one down below at the bottom of the circular stairway.  Once opened, the walls stay open until a switch on the flagstand is pressed to close them; this switch is only visible when the walls are opened, and it will close off once its pressed and the walls close.

- Removed the flag cock-block mechanic (where pressing a switch inside the flag stand would temporarily raise the flag so it can't be accessed).  Let me know if I should keep this mechanic in or not (and if you have any ideas on how best to implement it).

- Removed the items from the swirly-trench.  I could probably put some stuff down there, but I would like some advice.

- The mid is pretty different.  There are now blocking walls that somewhat segregate each base, and the RL lift in the center acts as a plug.  When the RL is lowered, access is granted to all bases in the mid for 10 seconds.

- The blocking walls have GAs on them which can be accessed from the outer ring or via jumping when the blocking flagstand walls are open.

- The upper-portion of the circular-stairway wrapping around the flagstands can now be accessed from any angle.

- The swirly-trench is now ludicrously fast.

- Moved all but one of the player spawns from the flagstand; spawns in general are now better spread out.

- Map detail on the whole is way better.  It doesn't look like a crappy deformed bathroom anymore and is more presentable (looks more like a dilapidated water purification facility or something) .  Base colors should be better delineated as well.

- Fixed the problem where the player could see the sky horizon if they stayed on top of the RL lift.


Edited by Mechadon : Updated Swirly-o-Tron link to v3

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I'll just put it here

Change Log:
-Removed Invisibility Sphere and changed it into a Soulsphere
-Curved side hallways a little bit more
-Lowered down 8mp the wood bars to make them less bumpy
-Removed the gargoyle doors at the GA rooms
-Changed midi

I'd like to have OSKY35 for this map, if possible. 

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MAP05 - (Cuisine Conflict) update



- Included more team color markers here and there
- Made a lift for the RL
- Added team colored borders around each area
- Served some cupcakes in the middle
- Added a few arrows that guide towards the other bases


Same midi as previously (it's not included in the update).

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map09 update


added some lights for flair.

more color

mid stairs are more fun, harder to get around.



Edited by Grotski

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MAP25 "Runaround" // by Joe-ilya


Agreed with Bones, the outer ring and the teleporters were made ultimately pointless by the presence of the sideway staircases - everyone tried to crash through those, because they're just too juicy of a short route. You just have to literally crawl over dead bodies of everyone else. The staircases should definitely go away and instead you should make the main entrance very wide, very accessible, with gradual soft step size. A minor issue is that some of the weapons only barely touch the spawn they're meant for, so if you packpedal from the spawn, you don't collect the weapon. This deflates the entire loadout premise, because you NEED to move forward from the spawn. It's handing out the weapon in a half-assed manner.


I have an issue with the map being ultimately asymetrical though. The outer ring is a 4-way layout symetric along 2 axes while the inner ring is a 3-way layout mirrored with 120deg rotation. This means one base gets a very different access to the outer ring than the other two. That without question disqualifies this map from ever getting run in a competition. But it might still be fine for public events, so it depends what your aim is here.


MAP26 "portal experiement" // by Worst

I'll refrain from commenting because we discussed possible changes with worst during the first test session, then Bones gave some thoughts that mostly mirror mine, and we further talked business with worst on discord... So at this point I'd be giving feedback about a dead map from the past. So do your thing, worst!


MAP27 "Naval Skeletal Battle 2: Electric Jumppadloo" // by Gothic

The obvious bug was that one of the ships was too far and the jump pads couldn't reach it. I'd say you need more weapons than just two chainguns, too (shotguns on ships, SSGs on central island?). Other than that, this is a cheer up distraction for pub events, so I won't dissect too deep.


MAP28 "It's a triforce, IDIOT" // by TMD

I see.


MAP29 "Captivity" // by Marcaek

Already discussed with caek on discord, I liked bones' suggestions.


MAP30 "My Everlasting Love For Entryway Never Ends" // by joe-ilya

No idea what the current state of this map is, it was supposedly getting rebuilt?


MAP31 "scarydarkfast menageatrois" // by 40oz & TMD

An already tested out layout popular in competition, done 3-ways. Either it works or it doesn't, but the map does what it's supposed to.


MAP32 "Generic Tres" // by Mephisto & TMD

I hate Generic Gray. Don't listen to me on this, because my advice is to go back in time and politely ask Mephisto not to create it.


MAP33 "Anchorage à Trois" // by Shadow Hog

This map confuses the hell out of me, even though it's smaller than it looks. Well, alright, so we have no mid and port directly between bases. I'd say pull remove as many of the spawn alcoves as possible and just put the spawns in the hallways themselves. The alcoves are a fairly unpopular mechanic, because they limit your movement to "just forward", so the limited protection they provide is destroyed by lack of mobility. I'd also replace the backpacks with green armors to have something more useful in such a prominent spot. Other than that, this might play solid in public events, but it's a bit too wild as a concept for competitive play. The base layout is quite decent, but slightly on the cramped, mazey side.


MAP34 "Triandemonium" // by Shadow Hog


Edited by dew

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Well then! With all of the maps addressed by Dew and Humanbones, we'll formally move into the revisions and tweaks stage. The schedule is available on the google sheet, but the deadline for revision submission will be 2/10. After that point, the gameplay team will do a final review and order the maps appropriately so they'll be easily understandable by event runners. In the meantime, Marcaek will be compiling, and I'll be working on some art and text file stuff. We're due for a release on or around 2/17.


Let us know here or on our discord if you have any questions.

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Please be sure to post your updates to this thread so I don't miss them!

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I've made an updated version of "So Close, Yet..." over the course of a few very-Kingdom-Hearts-3-filled days. To wit:

  • Made all the ramps 192 units wide instead of 128, including the doorways in and out of each room. Ramp lengths are largely unaffected (I kinda misread the "this space is playable" bit in dew's image and expanded the base more than the ground floor, so there wasn't room to elongate the ramps into there as suggested (whoops); I believe I elongated them a smidgen in the opposite direction, but IDK if it's long enough to get the desired effect).
  • Made the passageways between each base on the ground level 256 units wide instead of 128.
  • Added windows to both rooms facing the grassy ground level. The lower end of all of them is 24 units above the rooms' ground levels so you can run clean out of 'em if you want. (Though I have some misgivings about the necessity of these in the flag room when the doors are now as wide as they are, they're there regardless.)
  • Added another ramp into the outer room from the opposite side from where the current ramp in was. Both ramps are also now fully exposed to the ground level.
  • Nixed the BFG as per Bones's concerns about hiding there with the flag for griefing purposes. As a bonus, this map should now be 100% playable with jumping disabled. (I did not remove the outer ring, though, sorry.)
  • Generally did all the suggested tweaks to item placement dew suggested, except I only removed one of the two plasma pickups in the base instead of all of them - since his rationale was that plasma was not in short supply between the Plasma Gun and the BFG, but I'd nixed the BFG outright, I figured halving the plasma pickups in that room would be okay, letting that lone plasma pickup fill the BFG's former role on that front. (Please let me know if I'm in error in this thinking, I'm admittedly more of a single-player mapper than a multiplayer one.)
  • Replaced the rocket launchers under the central paths to the flag room with three rockets, and replaced the green armor on the outer paths with rocket launchers instead (I have no idea if this will incentivize their occasional use or not, figured it was worth a shot with the GA having moved to the outer rooms instead per dew's suggestion).
  • Trimmed the spawn count to 5, down from... like, somewhere around 14? IDK, it was a lot before the trimming.
  • Redid all the texture work so it doesn't look like a gray pile of dogshit, but now a rainbow pile of dogshit. My self-deprecation on texturing jobs aside, you can now more readily tell whose base you're presently in, and the textures are about as aligned as they'll ever be.
  • PURPLE CLOUDS (This was actually in my working build on Day 1, but it was using a Light Thing and ZDaemon doesn't support those by virtue of being a software renderer - and also it used a wall texture as a flat, as I unfortunately subsequently learned ZDaemon also doesn't support - so I had to nix it. I found a workaround today that actually looks fairly nice - even managed to find a flat that sorta passes for clouds when desaturated - so I'm runnin' with it again.)

A few screenshots (click to expand):

screenshot_doom_201909ljuw.png screenshot_doom_20190wlk7t.png screenshot_doom_20190mqkgy.png


The new sky actually looks okay in ZDaemon, too, if decidedly more gray:



Anyway, the map download's here. As for music, if music modules are OK, then use "Void dwellers" by Andrew "Necros" Sega from In Pursuit of Greed; if not (and I can totally understand if it's not), please update the existing MIDI to this copy of it I edited to be louder (as for credits, since I noticed that was conspicuously absent in the textfile, it's "Aquatic Base ~Level 1~" from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), composed by Mariko Nanba; the MIDI is by euryoky).


Next up is editing "Anchorage-a-Trois", which should hopefully be a bit quicker since I'd already spent a decent amount of time detailing the map to begin with, and the changes requested seemed to boil more down to taking things out than putting new things in. Maybe I'd have time to make a Zandronum-only version made out of 3D floors instead of this Transfer_Heights/Eyes-Above-Fake-Floor malarky, too, IDK; if the map's gonna be relegated to casual play, might as well offer something that plays better.

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Anchorage à Trois updated. See, said this one'd be fast. No changes to music or anything, just removed the spawn alcoves and turned the backpacks into green armors (though now I have concerns that they're super-close to the green armors directly below the ships, but whatever).


Still debating on doing a 3D floor version, we'll see.

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On 2/2/2019 at 8:26 AM, dew said:

MAP21 "Hardon Collider " // by Joshy


Sorry Josh, but we'll have to destroy your collider haha. That outside circle is absolutely freaking huge and unusable for gameplay purposes. Even without it, the map is still massive and you gotta take scissors to it. Cut outer parts of the mid, rotate the stairs so they're directly hugging the trench - the V-shaped space between the two parts is pointless, also kill off the wall that blocks off the stairs, it needs that visibility for tracking opponents.


Place stuff on the map and we'll talk more. (I forgot to load resources for taking the pic, sorry for that.)


Noooooooooooooo! Heh, okay I did a rush job. Rough texturing, shouldn't deter from gameplay. Added gameplay stuff including flags and spawn points. I've removed stairwalls, added some protruding floors to limit space, and made the dirty water lightly damaging as a way of making the big space 'small'. Also added teleports to replace the collider bit. It's all a stab so fingers crossed it works decently with healthy dynamics. I also don't have much time on my hand at the moment with other projects and uni work demanding my attention, I give permission to anyone to edit, polish, detail, whatever is needed if they'd like to. If it's too much work, I'm happy to have it put aside. ^_^


Download here

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Just a heads up folks, we're looking in shape for a release on Sunday. If you have anything last minute that desperately needs to be submitted in terms of fixes get it in within the next day.

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Don't expect that 3D floor version I hinted at; I took a stab at it yesterday but trying to figure out how to do arbitrarily-sloped 3D floors was an utter nightmare that basically halted all progress.


Shame, because the boats part worked great this time around.

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Posted (edited)

Small nitpick, but looking over the WAD for use on Sunday, I notice that "Void Dwellers" somehow wound up as the music on "Anchorage-a-Trois"; it was actually intended for "So Close, Yet...". "Anchorage-a-Trois" should still be using D_IRIE.

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Will change in next version, no updates will be made until after the testing session.

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That's fine. I wouldn't want to complicate the testing session for this. As long as it's fixed in the end, I'm good.

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There are plenty of maps with the incorrect order, starting with "Where's the Guac".

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Posted (edited)

Good. Slade just straight up reverted my entire mapinfo lump.


Redownload from same link

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OSKY28 and OSKY34 both have the weird horizontal line going through them still in ZDaemon.


I dunno how I feel about the fix being to add a weird repeat at the very top, TBH. That said, I'm not sure what's causing the line to show up in the first place - whether the patches are too wide at 1024, needing to be broken up into four 256-wide patches (not likely), or too tall at 200 (but IIRC glitches wouldn't even show up in vanilla Doom until you pass 255 pixels tall, which these are 55 short of, and the 256-pixel-tall patches display fine anyway, so this shouldn't be likely either). I know it displays TNT and Plutonia's 1024-wide skies just fine (comprised of four 256-wide patches), though those are 128 tall and not 200. Another observation is that the skies don't loop correctly horizontally in ZDaemon when you enable sv_stretchsky, but that's probably just ZDaemon being dumb, IDK.


Otherwise, no obvious cosmetic issues came to my attention.

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