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32in24-17 - 3-Way CTF

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Wah, I quickly formatted the rule document because it was editable publicly and copypasted from notepad.

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- Maps must work for ZDaemon and Zandronum 3-Way CTF Game modes. It's a unified standard


To elaborate, Zdoom Doom in Hexen format should be fine.

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I should conveniently share, then, that Volte on SomethingAwful revealed they recently were tweaking some DoomBuilder forks to allow you to reorient the grid. I'll let the original post do the talking:



I was working on a Doom 2 map this morning and became frustrated with trying to work on detail in a room that's not aligned to the X and Y axes. So I spent most of the day hacking up GZDoomBuilder-Bugfix a little bit to let me align the grid to an arbitrarily rotated or translated coordinate space. Demo:

[There was an embedded WebM here showing it in action; have a link directly to it instead. -SH]

My fork is here: https://github.com/volte/GZDoom-Builder-Bugfix (rotation branch)
I was also asked to implement it for Doom Builder X: https://github.com/volte/doombuilderx

I made pull requests for each.

(Original post, if you have an SA account or if the paywall is currently down)


I should note that only the DBX Github linked has a release. I don't know if it has the rotation feature built-in yet or not; might do.


EDIT: I see this was already mentioned in the OP! Well, shame on me for missing it then.

Edited by Shadow Hog

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Zdoom Doom in Hexen format maps can use ACS to fix flat alignments in sectors of the map that are rotated off grid.





Example script:

#include "zcommon.acs"

Script 1 OPEN
    int xoffset, yoffset;

    //Blue base
    xoffset = 123;
    yoffset = 159;
    Sector_SetRotation(10, 120, 120);
    Sector_SetFloorPanning(10, xoffset, 0, yoffset, 0);
    Sector_SetCeilingPanning(10, xoffset, 0, yoffset, 0);

    //Green base
    xoffset = 131;
    yoffset = 120;
    Sector_SetRotation(20, 240, 240);
    Sector_SetFloorPanning(20, xoffset, 0, yoffset, 0);
    Sector_SetCeilingPanning(20, xoffset, 0, yoffset, 0);

And you can use a script like this to figure out the right values in-game:

//Script for testing offsets in-game using console
//puke 666 <tag> <x-offset> <y-offset>
Script 666 (int tag, int xoff, int yoff)
    Sector_SetFloorPanning(tag, xoff, 0, yoff, 0);
    Sector_SetCeilingPanning(tag, xoff, 0, yoff, 0);


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I've never played CTF 3-way before but I took a stab at doing a quick mixed design layout. Still untextured mostly, no item placement yet. Player starts are the spawn locations, and coloured torches are the flag locations. I have no idea if it's any good, let me know!




Map name: Hardon Collider

Occupies Map01, mapped in Boom format.

-link removed-

Edited by Joshy

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A perfectly good day for tripping on shrooms has not been wasted after all

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Map name: Chronicles of a Father: Diarrhea Disaster

Music: Guile's theme from Street Fighter 2




Due to unforeseen circumstances, I don't have a lot of time today to do my map so this sub par attempt will have to do.


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Map name: King of the Congo
Song used: Plutonia MIDI pack MAP01


I'd like to appear as 'DJV' or 'Diego "DJV" Villarroel' in the credits

By the way this could be also called Plutonia-Styled Fidget Spinner



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32 minutes ago, DJVCardMaster said:

Plutonia-Styled Fidget Spinner

It remembered of a fidget spinner, actually. Good name for it.

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map name: best instagram nudes

music: andrew lloyd webber - any dream will do

build time: less than 60 minutes including finding music



Edited by Grotski : added build time

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Map name: MMFRGB

song in zip

build time: approx 1 hour 30 minutes

using osky07



Edited by Grotski : added build time

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Name: So Close, Yet...

Author: Shadow Hog

Build Time: ~12 hours

Music: Still undecided, but temporarily "Aquatic Base ~Level 1~"

Download: Dropbox Link

Screenshot (click thumbnail to expand):



I'm feeling a bit iffy on this one tbh. Detailing in particular needs to be way better to differentiate bases, but I guess that'll come at a later point; I just wanted to block out a layout. (Also I'm not sure if jumping is allowed; I'll have to nix the BFG if it isn't.)

Edited by Shadow Hog

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Name: Yoo Hoo Wrecking Crew

Music: https://www.vgmusic.com/file/2ab17020d5e54caa563c13a67b166d9b.html#disqus_thread

Sky: OSKY46

Dwonlad: http://mekworx.the-powerhouse.net/mekastuff/wads/32in24/32in24-17/mek-yoo_hoo_wrecking_crew.wad



Name: Butt Scratcher Deluxe

Music: https://www.vgmusic.com/file/3811fa121a08e5fc8e99378d5a657e03.html#disqus_thread

Sky: OSKY41

Dnowlod: http://mekworx.the-powerhouse.net/mekastuff/wads/32in24/32in24-17/mek-butt_scratcher_deluxe.wad



Name: Swirly-o-tron

Music: https://www.vgmusic.com/file/07f7fee33529cdec22e9b93d2c76e61a.html#disqus_thread

Sky: OSKY37

Dwnoldo: http://mekworx.the-powerhouse.net/mekastuff/wads/32in24/32in24-17/mek-swirlyotron.wad




Added music and sky choices.  By the way I should note, these are extremely untested and minimally detailed.  Unfortunately I got a late start; there's about 6 hours of work between all 3 of these maps.




Did some better detail work on Yoo Hoo Wrecking Crew + fixed a jumping exploit.  Did a tiny bit of detail work on Butt Scratcher Deluxe and tried to give each base more visual differences besides just color.  And added some better base distinctions to Swirly-o-tron and fixed the sky horizon.  Screenshots and download links have been updated.


Edited by Mechadon

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after recovering and finding that i now had years to finish the map, i took some extra time to work on it and get some prettiness in there

i'm fairly certain my unique design will shape the landscape of 3 CTF doom maps for decades to come

please clap


name: infernew mapping burnout-ville

music: super mario world castle music (no idea where i got it)

build time: 5.5 hours (a crushing reminder of how agonizingly slow i am)

sky: OSKY06

EDIT: download: bon3wayCTFv102.zip


since i have no idea how 3ctf is played, i'll have to wait to see or experience some gameplay to know what steps to take to fix my mess

however i'm certain that my tiny, cramped, 24 unit tall stair bases are excellently designed



Edited by bonnie : updated map to 102

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