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Doom WADs in Quake2 style ?

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I love Quake2 level design and style. Not a big fan of gloomy, occultish or creepy stuff. So there is a question - is there any good Doom2 wads, heavily based on Quake 2 design? I found that Back to Saturn X E1 is amazing and probably best wad I've ever played.


Thanks for help.

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Mayhem 16 meshes together Q1 and Q2 (actually Darkening E2) esthetics.



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I can add Valhalla to the list, it's made by the same person who did Putrefier. Although putrefier is more quake2-y, this one's still well worth a play.


There's also this total conversion, though the quality is... debatable, to say the least. Kept me amused as a teenager, either way, worth a quick blast through imo.

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I recommend UAC Ultra. It's not necessarily Quake 2 themed, but it's a very good looking industrial-themed WAD with custom textures, without any creepy occult stuff. And the gameplay is great, too.


Should be right up your alley.

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