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Realm667 Texture Stock Page Error

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When I go to the texture stock page on the Realm667 website, I get nothing on the page but this:


"0 - Using $this when not in object context"


Are there any other pages that have similar errors? I can still access the custom textures by going into the subdirectories, but it still is a problem for the website that should be looked at.

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whilst we're talking about realm667, does everyone else get that really obnoxious cacodemon picture popping up asking them to donate everytime a new page loads up on that site?

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2 hours ago, Dragonfly said:

Instead of reporting it here, contact the website owner, @Tormentor667.


Telling the wrong people accomplishes nothing after all! ;)


That's true, I just answered quickly from my phone when I was on my home.


@NiTROACTiVE Nevermind the stuff below, I missed the last part of your post. I'll just leave these here in case someone else can use them.
The Texture Stock pages seem to work if you go to the submenus directly, I wouldn't be surprised if that main page has no content. But I had no problem opening the following links:





@Foodles Hissy seems to lay off the pop up spam if you hide him by clicking the transparent overlay he comes with. Clicking the X on his picture seems to bring him back everytime.

Edited by BadLuckBurt

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It's better to ask to the source, NOT to external people. It leads to results faster.


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