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I Had a Pain Elemental Dream

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For the first time in a long while, I had a (somewhat inaccurate) Doom dream. I was at the latter part of Map 23, where the large group of imps emerge from the alcoves. They were mostly cleared out, when some pain elementals appeared. I had an invulnerability sphere, so I took them out with the rocket launcher. When I finished them off, each PE exploded and separated into several smaller PEs, the size of basketballs.


The smaller PEs didn't spawn lost souls, but instead behaved like more aggressive cacos, firing a proportionally smaller fireball that looked like a cross between the imp's and caco's projectile. I tried to hit them with splash damage from the rocket launcher or, if cornered, a berserk fist, leading to a kill sequence similar to something from Doom 2016. 


It would be pretty cool if someone was able to script a PE that behaved that way. It would make them more challenging and dangerous. 

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In your dream, since you had the invulnerability sphere, was everything that inverse black & white?


It's an interesting idea for the pain elemental's death. If someone did script a pain elemental that way, would that pave the way for baby pain elementals as a separate monster to go along with baby cacodemons?

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The weird thing is, although I knew it was an invulnerability sphere, it looked like an N64 partial invisibility sphere. For some reason, it didn't turn my view negative color. But yeah, I think it'd be a pretty cool PE feature. 

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1 hour ago, CountArchvile said:

Shit..i knew i wasnt the only one to have video game related dreams, interesting story btw lol

You might find this thread interesting:


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Sadly, I almost never get the chance to dream anything when I am sleeping. Because I don't get to control what I dream when I sleep, or even if I dream.


I did have a dream about Doom once, but it's so disappointing and the most boring thing ever that I'm gonna hide it in a Spoiler box, so that only the curious may look.



It was simply me punching a Pinky Demon with my fist in first person view


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