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Outbreak of Evil

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Anything of interest you'd care to share? Development time? Intent behind project, what inspired you? Your goals? Challenges you faced? Hopes for the future?

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12 minutes ago, hella knight said:

Development time?

Made within a month in the 2013th year. Brought to the desired level of quality after a few years, when I had a mood.


12 minutes ago, hella knight said:

Intent behind project, what inspired you? Your goals?

Nothing, just making a replacement for the episode is the first thing that occurred to me at that time.


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1 minute ago, wintertowns said:

I could not finish e1m2 cause the first button did not work in either PrBoom+ or GZDoom.

Fixed. Thanks for the demo

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So I'm three levels into this and I'm enjoying what you've served up so far.  :)  Some thoughts on specific levels:


E1M1 feels like the weakest offering of the three maps I've played so far, because its layout is so clearly derived from the original E1M1 (the armour tower near the start, the zig-zag walkway over green slime, the chamber beneath the exit room with the fences and barrels) and it feels like it's been dressed up with an excess of sector detailing and drenched in darkness in an unsuccessful attempt to disguise its origins.  The darkness makes the adjacent sector-based lighting effects very conspicuous in a way that calls attention to the fact that time and effort has been spent on them that many players might feel could have been better invested in coming up with a more original map layout.  I also do not like the presence of lost souls and a demon in mandatory-to-progression sections of a map where the only weapon other than the player's starting pistol is tucked away in a secret; they have enough health that they're very tedious to slowly chip one's way through with the pistol, and their presence makes me feel that the shotgun should be placed somewhere more readily accessible.


E1M2 is rather better; it's clearly not derived from the original E1M2 and boldly does its own thing instead.  The overall layout of the map is interesting, almost a loop but not quite because the broken door remains broken; if you wish to consider revising this map, I would suggest incorporating some way for the player to "un-break" that door or otherwise connect the exit area to the earlier portions of the map nearby.  I'd also suggest removing tag 4 from sector 229 because it's not necessary to the functioning of the lift and just makes a distracting additional "clunk" sound - I'm going to guess this tag crept into the sector when it was drawn adjacent to the previously-tagged sector 220?  I think the sector lighting effects you're fond of work better in this map because they blend in better as part of the overall environment, they don't feel conspicuous or added-on.


E1M3 is a solid, compact level with a lot of design choices that I find odd.  The triple layer of remotely operated doors that secure the south-western node of the map are an interesting touch, but the fact that all three switches needed to operate those doors are in separate alcoves off the same north-eastern room makes peeling back those layers of security feel like busywork; instead of three switches each guarded by two lost souls, consider how the balance of time taken vs. threat overcome shifts if you've got a single switch with all six of those lost souls guarding it.  Visually the fact that the nukage tank containing the blue key has the same floor height as the adjacent sector, separated only a barrier that drops down to the shared level of the two, looks a little peculiar; I can understand why it's set up this way (the lift-barrier will always move down to the lowest adjacent floor height) but when it happens a part of me expects the churning slime, no longer contained, to spill across the top of the barrier and into the adjacent control room.  You've also got a visual glitch happening in non-GZDoom ports with the transparent midtexture detail in the final room:




Which can be resolved by having different sector attributes (floor or ceiling heights, light level) on different sides of the linedef(s) involved; I would suggest reducing the light level of sector 137 by one step as the most expedient solution.  (Pardon the IDDQD/IDKFA, I just wanted to get quickly to this part of the level to screenshot the glitch.)  I would also suggest tagging the secret exit or a sector close to it as secret since it's on the opposite side of the map to the single secret-tagged sector that currently exists, and just because you find that secret area, doesn't mean you'll discover and hit the switch within that opens the way to the secret exit.


Overall I'm enjoying this so far but I feel the arrangement of the levels within the WAD is a little uneven; weapon-starved E1M1 feels like a trickier map than the immediate chaingun bonanza of E1M2, which in turn had its share of vicious little traps that were more dangerous than anything E1M3 had to offer, and the conspicuous lighting effects and lavishly detailed outdoor areas of E1M1 likewise feel like more recent and carefully developed efforts than the somewhat more simply realised interiors of E1M2 and E1M3.

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Just played through the whole episode. Very enjoyable map set, if a bit easy - I managed to make it all the way through on UV while I can barely survive most WADs made these days on HMP. E1M7 felt disproportionately short compared to the previous couple of levels -- maybe consider the order you have the maps in, as other people have mentioned. Visuals are pretty, I found myself stopping to take in the architecture on several occasions. The transition to hell in E1M8 was especially atmospheric. Finally, I really like the little touch you made of having FLAT23 as the screen border :)


Couple of bugs: In E1M6, the supercharge secret, it's possible to get trapped if you go into the little alcove and let the hatch close behind you. You should set the hatch's inside linedef to be a door special so it's possible to re-open it from the inside. In E1M8, in the star room, one of the walls is a giant HOM before you've killed the barons. Looks fine in GzDoom but looks like the linked screenshot in all other ports I tried. Might be a missing upper/lower texture or something.


Nice one overall!

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