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issue with weapon change from revolver with scroller

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I just encountered an issue with changing weapon from revolver to any other weapon.Either by number keys or scroll wheel.

Im playing doom2/perditions gate/project brutality 3.0(test) through gzdoom 3.6.0.I also tried with 3.5.1.

I dont know alot about these things,the solution is prob obvious.

I want to add how much i respect the doom-modding community and what y guys have done to gaming in 2019.Its truely amazing that a game from early 90s is still VERY relevant and continues to feel fresh.

(i hope this is the correct place for this question)


Thanks in advance.

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Test without Project Brutality.


If you can switch fine, the problem is with PB.


If you still can't, either your controls are messed up, or something is very weird with GZDoom. 

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The current versions of Project Brutality are quite broken, try using PB 2.03 in the meantime stuff gets fixed up.


As for what exactly causes this, i'm thinking the deselect state just doesn't have any codepointer at all so it doesn't do anything.

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