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Damned City 2 [From Moscow to Agartha] :: 10-level epizode

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Honoring 25th DooM birthday I just finished a 10-lvl singleplayer epizode.




It's a philosophic  story about true human powers and heroes which will be revealed in the final ;)

There are allusions on some favourite movies, like "Red Heat", "Alien", "Terminator", "5th element".


Location is the demon-hunted Moscow and suburbs in a year 2100. 

It contains 10 levels, designed for 1 hero and have no difficulty settings. And a lot of texture work.

Leves from 5 to 8 is in Moscow metro and tunnels setting =)


See Small VIDEO preview !

Compatible with all modern DooM ports, rtequires no jumping, but I suggest Zandronum as ste best mod for running




Some screenshots follows =)






Yours, Arch-Vile)

Edited by arch_93 : Changed some screenshots

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39 minutes ago, Tribal said:

This looks pretty awesome

Made with love)

Hope You will like it)

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This looks quite rad! This swimming pool. Epic. Will play this some day.

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Not trying to be rude, but those sound replacements are obnoxious. I couldn't play for more than two minutes before I had to go to Slade and remove them.

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Once you remove the custom sounds this is pretty good.  There are parts that are confusing/annoying but the levels are generally cleverly planned. 

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