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gzdoom 3.7.2 multimoniter issue

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So I made the move to gzdoom 3,7,2 today but the command line parameter

-vid_adapter 0

which made gzdoom work in fullscreen on the monitor I wanted to use in 3.6.0 doesn't work anymore.

I don't know if the command for that is something completely different now or something but I what some help pls




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do anything for you?


It could be related to how GZDoom now autodetects resolution and ignores the INI entries I believe. Possibly you may want to file this as a bug report if you can't make it switch to a specific monitor in a multimonitor setup.

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I would but I don't know 

One author here uses a name based on a Sesame Street character in German. Who is that character? (German Name):

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