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IWADVerifier, a quick tool to check your IWADs.

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So, this is neat.


Also, why does it say bfg wads need updating, they are newer after all, heh.


Also, also, it states that my copies of final doom, french doom, heretic registered and shareware, and strife 1.0 demo; voices; and sve are unknown, as well as some other things that make sense. Which is a little inconsistent. The only major issue there is final doom I'd say. I have anthology versions. Maybe detect heretic shareware too?

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Technically, they are newer, but it won't make you able to playback some Doom demos correctly, nor make you able to play with other people on other sourceports. Hence the fact I listed them as "outdated".


I'll make a specific thing so that they are considered as "latest", but I'll make the user aware that they need downgrading to play with other Doom players.


As for the list, it is increasing at the very moment, so I'll try to be able to get all of the required files.


Thanks for the feedback !


EDIT : I didn't see I had a few PR. Will review them RN.

Edited by Ch0wW

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Feature request: if your iwad doesn't pass checksum, suggest that the user report to the SPA 1-800-388-PIR8 (I wonder if anyone in the history of doom ever called that number?)

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Posted (edited)

Haha! This is pretty neat. I have quite a few older IWAD's that a buddy gave me years ago (no doubt downloaded from the web) that i don't use anymore but have always wondered where they were from. Odd thing is i actually recently plugged in my external HDD and checked to see what Doom stuff i had on it and i found a bunch some of them.


Most of the IWADs were dated 12/24/96. Dunno if those have been edited or if they are from the id Anthology (although i thought that came out in November?). Guess i'll have to check the Hashes or w/e. It's not like i actually use them anymore anyways so i guess it doesn't really matter. This is still a neat little program nonetheless :)

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