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Export Doom maps to Blender?

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Does anyone know any good tool that allows me to export Doom maps to Blender? It can be as simple as anything that that exports an OBJ. I've found some old tools, but they don't keep texture information in the OBJ, which sucks.

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Yep, GZDB is your friend. Load the map, select everything, and go to File -> Export to OBJ. It's pretty robust tool, although I'd suggest playing with a few of the options to see what works best for you.

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Apparently GZDB (Bugfix) also exports .mtl (material info) along the .obj. When you import the .obj into blender it automatically loads that mtl file.

If you have checked the box "Export textures" everything should be textured in blender. I think the uv's are stored in the obj but textures/materials aren't if i'm not mistaken, so you need the mtl for an obj. Pretty neat!


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