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GZDoom dehacked projectiles

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Some time in the distant past, it was possible to enjoy dehacked mods in ZDoom without a fuss... Nowadays, whenever I try, GZDoom seems to 'override' projectiles with their vanilla equivalents. This leads to, e.g., revenants still using homing missiles in Struggle, Aracnorbqueens spitting caco fireballs in Avactor, weapon mods not working properly, etc. I've tried setting it to strict Boom compatibility to no avail... Are mod authors seriously expected to port their dehacked edits to Decorate in order to remain compatible with the latest GZD updates, or is there an option somewhere that I've overlooked?

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I think this is an issue that’s been resolved but i can’t recall how. Some people reported enemies firing “dying lost souls” rather than actual fireballs in a dehacked heavy project (doomed in space) but I couldn’t recreate this when I tried. Maybe it’s certain builds, or maybe it’s even a .ini issue? Regardless, this is unintentional behaviour, I don’t think it’s expected for all dehacked projects to be converted to decorate. Hopefully someone can come by and pin exactly what’s wrong. I’m sure you’ve tried already, but maybe a fresh install of the latest build will fix it?

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There could be something wrong with my .ini file. Somewhere down the line my copy of ZDoom lost the ability to zoom in and out on the map screen, even though those controls aren't bindable on the options menu, and it doesn't permanently save gameplay options when I quit. It doesn't create a new ini file if I remove the old one, either.


EDIT: Wait, NVM. It was just a "cosmetic" mod I had running which was causing dehacked conflicts. Not sure why I didn't try removing that straight away...


My other complaints in this post still stand, though.

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