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Odamex 0.8.0 Released

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Cross posted from odamex.net


* The Release *


After a brief hiatus, the Odamex Team is proud to finally present to you, Odamex 0.8.0. The long awaited new version of Odamex is packed with many "under the hood" engine improvements that will improve the overall experience. One of the most important notes is that Odamex has upgraded to SDL2, which improves performance and fixes a number of bugs in Odamex's video, sound, and input systems. Odamex has also been updated to ensure high performance on the newest versions of Mac OSX.

There are a number of improvements and enhancements to the client. For users with non-qwerty keyboard layouts, all text input should now work as expected. Mouse options have been simplified and now uses raw input at all times (users had past issues with SDL 1.X mouse input). Users can now scale their weapon's transparency using r_drawplayersprites (or set it in the display option menu). Forcing player colors (enemy or ally) has been improved.

For our vanilla Doom enthusiasts, several bugs were fixed in the vanilla demos subsystem. As a result, it fixes a lot of problems that would cause demos to desync upon recording/playing, as well as crashes for the hardcore speedrunners. We also fixed a known problem related to the -shorttic parameter. Additionally, console cvars vid_320x200 and vid_640x400 create 320x200 and 640x400 drawing surfaces and stretches them to the entire window, emulating vanilla Doom's video rendering.

Some notable additions and changes that server administrators should note are:

  • New cvar co_globalsounds: allows players to hear other players' pickup sounds
  • New cvar sv_dmfarspawn: causes players in deathmatch mode to be (re)spawned at the farthest deathmatch spot away from all the other players
  • Merging co_fixzerotags into co_zdoomphys
  • Merging co_boomlinecheck and co_boomsectortouch are together into co_boomphys
  • Merging co_zdoomswitches and co_zdoomsoundcurve into co_zdoomsound
  • Remove co_level8soundfeature (now automatically applied only in SP/COOP If co_zdoomsound is off)
  • Reimplemented sv_emptyfreeze, which freezes the server when no clients are connected. Disabled by default


* Crash Dump Generator *

Despite all of the hard work that our developers put into Odamex, there can always be a bug hiding around the corner. One of the most frustrating types of bugs is one that causes Odamex to "hard crash" and shut the program. If you experience this on Windows, Odamex will now generate a crash dump file (ending in .dmp) in your Odamex directory. If this happens, you can upload that crash dump and an explanation of what happened to our bug tracker. Providing us access to this dump allows our developers to quickly uncover information regarding the crash and resolve the bug. Please create an account and provide information with your crash dump file if you experience a crash!


* Other Cool Things *

In addition to Odamex 0.8.0's release, we must highlight the other aspects of our project that have received great attention. You may have noticed our new, beautifully overhauled website! One account will now allow you to post on the forums, edit the wiki, and report bugs on our tracker. Expect to see new features and Odamex integration on the website going forward.

Also, please join us on the official Odamex Discord to chat with other players, organize games, and track development of the project!


A comprehensive list of additions and changes can be viewed here.

Download Odamex 0.8.0 for your preferred platform now!

Have fun!

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Great to see a new release! When I go to play some local co-op with the Mrs next time, we'll be giving this a spin. :)

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I'm so glad we finally have a release !


Good job guys ! \o/

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