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Odamex 0.8.0

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Updated Jan 25, 2018: With the release of Odamex 0.8.0, I thought it might be a good idea to create a dedicated thread for it here as other projects have done.


Odamex is a multiplayer-centric client/server source port originally based on Zdoom 1.22/csDoom. Despite offering many modern features and comforts, the engine is also capable of playing back many vanilla Doom demos. In addition to its strong netcode, other significant modern features include a truecolor software renderer, widescreen, uncapped frame rates, on-the-fly wad loading, and net demos with playback controls. So far, it has been reported to run on Windows, OSX, the common linux distros, XBox, Wii, and Amiga.


Current version: 0.8.0 - Jan 25, 2018

Home: http://odamex.net

Discord: https://discord.gg/aMUzcZE

Github: https://github.com/odamex/odamex/

Sourceforge: https://sourceforge.net/projects/odamex/files/Odamex/


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I compiled this for Linux Mint 18.3 64bit and could run Freedoom1 and 2 just fine. Though when ever I try to load up a pwad via the "-file" command, I get this error in return.

SDL_GetError = "A video mode must be set before warping mouse"

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On 1/25/2019 at 10:12 PM, Ralphis said:

Updated Jan 25, 2018:


On 1/25/2019 at 10:12 PM, Ralphis said:

Current version: 0.8.0 - Jan 25, 2018


Its 2019. (mentioning so that people don't get confused)


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Posted (edited)

We're close to a 0.8.1 release folks :) !


We actually need more testing before marking it as "stable" ; we indeed definitely want to make it in time for the QuakeDOOMCon 2019.


To make it simple, here's a quick & dirty changelog (subject to change) :



* the server will now inform the user that the maplist was cleared
* fixed a crash when using maplist with no wads specified
* updated compatible versions of freedoom to include 0.10 to 0.11.2
* fixed a crash that could happen if the WEAPON_RAISE state is called during the start of the demo
* the warmup message now specifies which key needs to be pressed to "ready up"
* fixed a bug where palette and blending would not be updated during intermission
* added sv_itemsrespawnsuper, which can enable and disable super powerups like megasphere and invulnerability sphere
* removed obsolete code that would only update sectors every 3rd tic that could result in desyncs
* remove cl_updaterate since it is no longer used
* remove update_rate from userinfo since it is no longer used
* fixed active moving sectors getting stuck when switching from in-game to spectator mode
* fixed the alt key getting stuck on Windows when moving in and out of the odamex window with tab
* fixed some vanilla demo desyncs
* fixed some sectors not having the floor and ceiling textures updated in online mode
* fixed being able to drown in god mode
* fixed co_globalsound not working as intended
* in single-player mode the game will now pause if the console is on screen
* added "lobby" support to MAPINFO to allow players to create lobby maps
* added sv_latency to simulate latency on the server. This command is intended for developers only and must be #defined in the source.
* fixed a bug where the client would hear switch activating sounds when connecting to a server
* the client is now much better optimized for rendering transparency
* fixed issue where many non-widescreen resolutions were getting stretched across the screen in fullscreen mode instead of having pillarboxes
* changed some of the default binds to be more in alignment with modern shooter controls
* bobbing is now disabled in spectator mode and flying and mouselook are on by default
* added hud_scoreboard_hide to now hide the scoreboard during instances it would show without the user asking, such as upon death
* added hud_demobar to now hide the progression bar during the playback of a demo
* added hud_heldflag_flash to enable or disable the flashing that occurs with the flag hud in CTF
* added options for filtering specific gamemode demos in the network settings
* added Nintendo Switch support
* added vid_pillarbox, which uses can use to choose is Odamex uses pillarboxing instead of stretching to the window size on lower resolutions
* fixed vid_32bpp not updating immediately in fullscreen mode.
* added vid_download_test, which will be a testing feature for the next release. It makes some tweaks to the wad downloading code to hopefully make it not freeze the server anymore and causing lag spikes.


We also have an unofficial port to the Nintendo Switch, thanks to fgsfds's work ! It supports Online multiplayer aswell, but you'll need to enter manually the IP to be able to do so. We're definitely planning to add a serverbrowser in the next release.


The Release Candidate and Switch testbuild can be downloaded at this address : https://odamex.net/boards/index.php/topic,3210.msg6475.html#msg6475


Also, here is a small list of servers who are in 0.8.1 pre-release :

== EUROPE ==
* - The Ultimate DooM COOP - BaseQ.fr
* - Doom 2 COOP - BaseQ.fr
* - Duel 2015 QUICKY - BaseQ.fr
* - Duel 2015 - BaseQ.fr 

* - STCTFMPX CTF - [NJ] Homeless Town
* - DUEL 2020 - [NJ] Homeless Town

EDIT : also, please join us on the Discord Server in order to report anything from the port, and possible improvements : https://discord.gg/aMUzcZE



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On 7/20/2019 at 9:53 PM, slayermbm said:

Is it possible to run Odamex in the original Doom aspect ratio? Thanks!


You can definitely play Odamex in a 4:3 resolution, and you can even use a virtual resolution that emulates its original DOS resolution (vid_320x200)


Spoiler is an example of it.





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Posted (edited)
5 hours ago, Ch0wW said:


You can definitely play Odamex in a 4:3 resolution, and you can even use a virtual resolution that emulates its original DOS resolution (vid_320x200)


Spoiler is an example of it.


  Reveal hidden contents




Hey @Ch0wW that's great!


My first post was not clear enough, I meant to ask how to turn on the '4:3' resolution. Is there a menu option to tick, or do I need to set it in the command line, or something else?


Thanks again for your time.


Edit: I found it opening odamex.cfg in the port folder and changing vid_pillarbox to 1. Now the resolution is correct.





Edited by slayermbm

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Also, Odamex 0.8.1 has been officially released !


We managed to put a lot of efforts to fix several issues people were reporting.


Here is a complete changelog : https://odamex.net/wiki/Releases#Odamex_0.8.1


@Ralphis should make an update to the original post in order to reflect these changes.


Also, I made an update to the Nintendo Switch port, fixing some problems and adding several other stuff. You can download it here : https://github.com/Ch0wW/odamex/releases/tag/0.8.1-v2

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